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For Tractors from 10 - 50 HP

The TX series generators are designed to back up small farms and estates like yours. Simple connections and controls provide quick and easy access to power when you need it. TX series generators are suited to tractors from 10hp to 50 hp. These rugged little units provide backup or remote power from 7 Kilowatts to 31 Kilowatts.

Learn how much generator power you need with our TX Power Calculator

For Tractors from 20 - 200 HP

Your operation cannot afford to be without power for long. The QC series of generators allow you to take matters into your own hands. These portable power plants are designed to fit tractors from 20 to 200 hp. The extensive QC model line up supports power requirements from 12 Kilowatts to 100 Kilowatts.

Learn how much generator power you need with our QC Power Calculator

Why Choose a PTO Generator?

Having a high quality high capacity generator that is portable opens up a variety of new options. Now you can take power wherever you need it. In-field repairs, construction on a remote part of your property, even grain drying without a utility connection are some of the uses BAUMALIGHT customers have found.

Backing Up Rural Life

Everyone knows that tractors power farms and rural property, what better to turn to in your darkest hour, or perhaps a portable generator with a light duty engine that might not want to start after it has been sitting with stale fuel, varnished or stuck carburetor, and a dead battery. A tractor is always on hand, is always maintained and used with a BAUMALIGHT PTO generator, it's ideal as an emergency power supply when utility power is unavailable.

BAUMALIGHT has been making PTO Generators since 2000.

We feel that we can offer farmers and property owners more for their money by using something they have on hand already. What you get with a PTO generator is more Kilowatts, less maintenance, and cleaner power. Electricity is no longer just a convenience, more and more we count on electricity for the necessities of life. On today's industrialized farms, reliable electric power is essential to its livelihood. During a mass black out rural properties are often the last to get power back sometimes days later than towns and urban areas. You need to have access to power that is ready to go at a moment's notice.

Remote Power

Rural Residents have to be versatile and they expect the same from their equipment. BAUMALIGHT PTO generators are also portable and easy to hook up even for one person. The trailed design gives you more versatility, allowing you to move the power to where it is needed most.

Planning Ahead Pays Off.

To reward and encourage you to plan ahead Baumalight is offering an 8% discount on pre-ordered generators. This program allows you to order a generator at an 8% discount for delivery in 8 weeks. We all know being prepared before an emergency is best but we all get caught off guard once in a while. This program allows us to reward the prepared and also keep stock for the times when customers have immediate needs.

8 Weeks Saves 8% Program available only in select areas.