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Buy Central Phoenix Eye Care - 13 Photos & 121 Reviews - Optometrists - 5727 N 7th St, Phoenix, Az - PhoCheap Central Phoenix Eye Care - 13 Photos & 121 Reviews - Optometrists - 5727 N 7th St, Phoenix, Az - PhoOrder Central Phoenix Eye Care - 13 Photos & 121 Reviews - Optometrists - 5727 N 7th St, Phoenix, Az - PhoCentral Phoenix Eye Care - 13 Photos & 121 Reviews - Optometrists - 5727 N 7th St, Phoenix, Az - Pho Online No PrescriptionCentral Phoenix Eye Care - 13 Photos & 121 Reviews - Optometrists - 5727 N 7th St, Phoenix, Az - Pho Online NowCentral Phoenix Eye Care - 13 Photos & 121 Reviews - Optometrists - 5727 N 7th St, Phoenix, Az - Pho Without Prescriptions
Customer reviews
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Central Phoenix Eye Care

I've been going to this practice for eye care for over 10 years. The staff and team have been consistently welcoming and helpful in all aspects of eye care. The keep a trendy showcase of frames and plenty of contacts for your preference or choice. The testing equipment is always clean and well maintained as well as the exam rooms.

I've used two different insurance plans at this facility, I won't go to any other Optometrist for my eye care.

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I have so many positive things to say about this practice, I don't know where to start!

First, as a first-time contact lens wearer, it took so many lens trials to get my prescription right. Perhaps upwards of 8 or 10 over the course of 4 - 5 months! At each visit, Dr. Mastores greeted me in her friendly manner and assured me that this is normal, determined to help find the perfect Rx. We finally got it and I couldn't be happier. It needs to be mentioned that Dr. Mastores never charged me for these followup lens trial visits, and each time my Rx changed, I was able to return the unused contacts and receive credit for contacts in the correct Rx. The staff is completely professional and never treated me like a nuisance, even though I felt like I was! I am a doctor myself and have never been to such a friendly and relaxed doctor. Dr. Mastores clearly loves what she does and it is such a pleasure to be treated by her. She is the kind of person you want to hang out with all day.

Second, in the meantime, my glasses Rx changed! The practice has an amazing policy for refractive changes and I was able to get my lenses corrected without any fuss. Incredible.

Third, they have an annual sale where designer frames are 50% off! That's right, even Ray Bans! I love, love love their frame selection and their opticians are so friendly and knowledgeable, no matter whom you speak with.

Finally, and this is embarrassing, I scratched my eye on New Years eve and didn't know what to do. I called the after hours line and Dr. Frank called me back immediately. He was incredibly reassuring and helpful, and stated that if my symptoms didn't improve in 12 hours, he would meet me at the office on New Years Day. It ended up being nothing, but just being able to reach someone so quickly on a holiday was outstanding.

So, in case it's not obvious, this is the best optometry practice to go to in Phoenix. I recommend them to everyone!

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I have been a patient here for 5 years and counting and love it. I see Dr. Mastores and she is so sweet. This place is amazing and I have referred several friends. Everyone here, including the employees at the front desk are so genuinely nice, professional, and helpful. I really couldn't ask for more because the customer service is excellent and I've never had any issues. They really care about their customers. I had to bring my 2.5 year old daughter to my appointment and the eye technician I had - Jennifer - was so accommodating to her, which I really appreciated.

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I'm a new patient but have been treated from the beginning like a long valued client. Everyone on staff that I have met have been outgoing and friendly.

I am 65 with a history of eye surgeries making me a real challenge to correct my near and far vision whether for contacts or glasses. Dr. Mastores enthusiastically took up the challenge to fit me with multi-focus RGP contacts saying she would not give up until we'd succeeded. We are still working through the process but I have every reason to believe that she'll get us there.

Over the years I have worked with many excellent eye care professionals but I have never worked with any whom I would recommend over Dr. Mastores and Central Phoenix Eye Care.

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I Highly recommended this place for all of your eyecare. All the staff was very friendly and greeted me with a smile. Amy was very helpful and patience in showing me how to put in my contacts. "Thanks Amy" I previously wore glasses and wanted to switch to contacts. Dr Benjamin Usleman was awesome! He was very friendly and professional. He answer all of my questions and concerns about switching to contacts. He gave me samples to try out for 2 weeks to see if I like. So far they are awesome! If you're looking for an eye doctor, I recommend you give this place a try. You won't be disappointed!

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In searching for a new eye center in central phoenix, I decided on Central Phoenix based on the yelp reviews and I was so happy I did. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, they have the most up to date equipment and since they don't work on commission, you don't get expensive eye glasses pushed on you. I wear progressive lenses, and the best part is that I love, love. love my new lenses. By far the most accurate prescription I have had, and I have worn progressives for several years.

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Great staff, friendly and knowledgable Doctor, excellent selection of frames and what looks like the latest eye care technology on site.

I ended up arriving 10 minutes late because I had difficulty finding the location (note, it's in an office building, no signage from the main street) and the staff was very accommodating, got me started within a few minutes. Thank god you no longer have to use the thing that puffs air into you eyes. That alone was brilliant!

I like that I was provided new patient forms online but I believe all their online information and steps require a bit more clarity. For example, I didn't realize I would receive those forms online and downloaded the PDFs from their site to print and fill out. I also think there should be an option to book on the site (I didn't see anywhere) and download to your calendar. Those are minor things though!

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I had a very thorough and pleasant experience here! Dr. Uselman was great! Not only is he experienced (has 7+ years under his belt), but he takes the time to listen and answer any questions you have. He also has a sense of humor - I always like it when my doctors show that they're human and have a personality :) the front desk staff was also awesome (you know that can make or break a practice). Ordered new glasses with the help of a very knowledgeable lady, who was able to help me find the perfect fit in less than 5 minutes!

Very impressed with this place and look forward to coming here when my annual visits are needed!

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In my 50 years of wearing glasses, one of the very best I have found!! Absolutely best frame selection and reasonable prices for what you are getting. Never any question about helping with adjustments and work very hard to get it right the first time and have no problem if you need more help!

The best part is they are willing to explain to you what you are getting, need or are curious about. Now that is not something you will find everywhere!

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I chose this office because I needed to find somewhere that accepted my Insurance and it was close to my home. I have worn glasses for many years and was thinking about getting contacts. Boy did I luck out with this choice. Heather greeted me and took me back to a very clean and well laid out office and for some background on me. She was very helpful and personable and made me feel totally at ease. Dr. Usleman was VERY knowledgeable and informative and explained in great detail the differences between different contacts and why some were recommended over others. He listened to MY concerns and what I wanted the contacts for and made two great recommendations for me. I was shown how to put them in and take them out by another very sweet girl (I think her name was Amy) and left with TWO different trial contact options. I will try them out for a week or so and then go back for a follow up to decide which I want to go with. All in all a great experience. I have already referred a friend.

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I remember walking out of my eye exam thinking 'Wow I had a lovely visit!'. How crazy is that thought coming after an optometrist appointment. Dr. Mastores was so friendly and informative (and bonus, she gave me lots of samples). She explained all the images they took of my eyes and the eye assistants and admin staff were also very personable. I'd recommend Central Phoenix Eye in a heartbeat.

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From the business

If you're looking for a friendly office for all of your eye care needs, you've found it in Central Phoenix Eye Care! Our friendly staff will assist you throughout your visit with …


If you're looking for a friendly office for all of your eye care needs, you've found it in Central Phoenix Eye Care!

Our friendly staff will assist you throughout your visit with us. We provide comprehensive, on-time eye care while offering you the most current optical frames, contact lenses, and surgical referrals for your vision correction. We welcome walk-in prescriptions and adjustments.

We are dedicated to providing you and your family with the best in eye health care, including:

*Comprehensive Eye Examinations *Diagnosis and Treatment of Eye Diseases *Vision Correction with Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses

A routine eye care visit is essential to ensuring your eyes are healthy and your vision is the best it can be. We utilize our skills and the latest in technology to determine visual acuity (how clearly you see) and to look for signs of eye diseases. Many eye diseases, like glaucoma, have no noticeable symptoms until they have progressed to a point where vision loss can occur.


Established in 1985.

Eye examinations have changed over the years, and we have tried to keep pace with technology without losing the human touch. Our facility utilizes up-to-date instruments without overwhelming you with gadgets. We will use technology (automated refractor, automated visual fields analyzer, computer assisted photography) when it helps us give you the best eye care.

You will never be rushed through a visit; the necessary time will be taken to properly access the health of your eyes and your visual system.

Meet the Business Owner