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Storage conditions

List B. In the dark place at a temperature of no higher than 25 ° C

Shelf life

The registration

Of drugs

Combined korticosteroidnyi (containing hormones crust napochechnikov or their synthetic analogues) product with inflammatory, and protivorevmaticski protiwallergicakim action. Betamethasone phosphate dinatria is an easily soluble component, which bystro. vsasavetsa in tissue and provides quick effect. Renewed (long) of the betamethasone dipropionate, the. Over slow absorption (skin). Depending on the mode of application. intramuskulyarno (injection), intraartikulyarno (vnutrisustavno) periartikulyarno (in the space surrounding the joint), intradermalno (intracutaneously), is a general or localized effects.

Indications for use

Flosteron intended for the treatment of severe acute and chronic conditions that require the use of corticosteroid. Rheumatic diseases, rheumatoid arthritis (инфекционно-аллергич еская disease from the kollagenozov characterized by chronic progressive inflammation of joints), out-rheumatoid arthritis (sinovit / inflammation of the inner lining of joints / epikosschlit / inflammation limited portion of the humerus bone, the seat attachment of muscles and tendons / tendoshinovit / socetannoe inflammation of the tendon, and the inner lining of joints / myofasciitis / inflammation of the muscles / fibrosit / vospalitelnoe change fibres connective tissue / adult / pristupoobraznaya intense pain in the lumbar area / psoriaticeski arthritis / joint inflammation in psoriasis / traumatic arthritis / vospalitelnoe joint disease and stripped all surfaces articulated bones as a result of mechanical injury / etc.). Allergic disease, bronchial asthma, seasonal or chronic rinita (inflammation of nasal mucous membrane); Skin diseases - psoriaz, keloid (expansion of the connective tissue of skin), alopecia areata (partial hair loss), flaccid contact dermatitis (neiroallergicescoe inflammation of the skin characterized by everything and multiple skin vsapaniami, based on symmetric parts of the body due to the direct impact damaging factor / physical, chemical, etc.), the bite of insects, kollagenozy (known as disease characterized by diffuse loss of connective tissue and vessels), and other reactions of hypersensitivity. Ulcerative Colitis (vospachenie large bowel with the formation of ulcers).

Dosing and Administration

Dosage flosteron depends on the severity of each case, as well as the clinical picture.


With long-term use drug-weight, neuroses, oedema, the deterioration of the diabetes, osteoporosis (eating disorders bone accompanied by the increase in its friability).


Tuberculosis, osteoporosis, various psychoses, peptica ulcers (ulcers stomach, colon or esophagus, as it has evolved as a result of the destructive actions of gastric juice in the mucous membrane), glaucoma (increased inner pressure), diabetes, throm (inflammation of the walls of veins with their zakuporka), bacterial, fungal or viral infections, kidney failure, Kushinga syndrome (obesity, with corresponding declines sexual function, more brittle bones as a result of the strengthened ?дренокортикотропног?? pituitary hormone). During the preparation contraindicated vaccination and immunization.

Form of

Ampoules to 1 ml in a package of 5 pieces.

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