Peter Lehmann Publishing List Of Psychiatric Drugs With Active Ingredients And World-Wide Trade Name

Warning! Peter Lehmann does not provide medical advice. He is not a medical doctor, he does not wear a white coat. No responsibility is assumed by Peter Lehmann for any injury and/or damage to persons or property from any use of the information on this list or the introduction or ideas referenced in the material herein. Any interrupted, unfinished, new or ongoing course of treatment as well as any use of a referral and/or subsequent treatment regimen sought as a result of reading this list or the introduction of ideas referenced in the material herein is the sole responsibility of the reader.

This table includes trade names and active ingredients of synthetic psychiatric drugs administered all over the world including neuroleptics, antidepressants, psychostimulants (psychoanaleptics), tranquilizers and lithium preparations. It also lists carbamazepine and other substances chemically familiar with this antiepileptic drug. In the psychosocial field these substances are administered as so-called mood stabilizers.

As far as the psychiatric drugs mentioned in this table, the reader may trust in the care given by Peter Lehmann in making correct statements. On the other hand, there is a lot of confusion world-wide referring to the classification of psychiatric drugs.

No standard criteria exist for the assignment of a single psychiatric drug to a group of substances. For example, loxapine is classified in the USA as a (minor) tranquilizer, in Canada and the UK as a neuroleptic. Oxypertine is marketed in the USA as an antidepressant, in the UK as a neuroleptic. Flupentixol is marketed in the UK as a neuroleptic and antidepressant. Some drugs like tiapride are classified as a neuroleptic in one country and as an anti-Parkinson drug in another. Sometimes anti-Parkinson drugs like amantadine are indicated in the treatment of drug-caused Parkinsonism in one country (USA), but in another country (UK) drug-induced symptoms are an excluded indication. Similarly, hydroxyzine is considered a tranquilizer in one country and an antihistamine in another. And sometimes a drug?s status as a tranquilizer or neuroleptic is based on the dosages given.

The classification of a drug can depend on its pharmaceutical basic schedule, biochemical mechanism, produced effects or the administrator?s subjective intention.

Some trade names were used differently in individual countries. Two examples: "Serenase" is (or was) the trade name for the neuroleptic ingredient haloperidol in Denmark, Finland, Italy and South Korea and for the neuroleptic ingredient quetiapine in Peru; in Belgium "Serenase" is (or was) the trade name for the benzodiazepine-tranquilizer lorazepam. Chlordiazepoxide is often marketed as "Somnium," but in Greece "Somnium" is (or was) the trade name for the antidepressant ingredient amitriptyline.

In pharmaceutical lists, you can find a lot of orthographical deviations. Active ingredients are written differently and often there are several indications for one ingredient. These variations must be considered when consulting this table.

Often drug firms include their drug firm name into the name of a drug; for example, Risperidone then it is called "Sandoz Risperidone" or Mylan-Risperidone". Not to support this advertising system, all those prefixes, which refer only to the drug firms (Apo-, CO, Gen-, Mylan-, Novo-, Nu-, PMS-, RAN-, ratio-, RHO-, Rhoxal-, Sandoz, etc.) are included in the list below only in those cases, when the following branch name is not used otherwise.

Special characters like apostrophes, which are used in some languages very often, like in the French language, are leaved out in the list below.

Therefore no responsibility is accepted for the accuracy of this table of psychiatric drugs. Peter Lehmann, who is neither a pharmacologist nor a doctor of medicine. appeals to all readers to notify us of any mistakes or changes in the indications of the mentioned psychiatric drugs. Mail-address: info[at]peter-lehmann. de

Do not expect too much logic in the administration of psychiatric drugs; be prepared for arbitrary as well as off-label administration and for combinations.

4560 RP, Acemin, Amazine, Aminazin, Aminazine, Aminazins, Ampliactil, Amplictil, Anadep, Ancholcatil, Antistress, Artomin, Aspersinal, Bacnin, Belazine, Bellacina, Biscasil, Calmacine, Cepezet, Chlemazin, Chlomazin, Chlomazine, Chloractil, Chloramead, Chlorazin, Chlorazine, Chlorbromasin, Chlorderazin, Chlormazine, Chlorprom, Chloropromazcin, Chlorpromados, Chlorpromanyl, Chlorpromaz, Chlorpromazin, Chlorpromazina, Chlorpromazine, Chlorpromazinhydrochlorid, Chlorpromed, Chlorprom-Ez-Ets, Chlor-PZ, Chlorzine, Clomactel, Clonactine, Clonactil, Cloracin, Clorazine, Clordelazin, Cloropromacin, Cloropromax, Clorpramazine, Clorprazin, Clorpromazina, Clozine, Coliman, Contomin, Copamide, Copormin, Cormiton, Corpiotin, Co-T-Zine, Cromedazine, Datival, Datival, Dormazine, Duncan, Elmarine, Epokuhl, Esmind, Esmino, Falubin, Fenactil, Fleksin, Galmazin, Globazine, Hebanil, Hibanil, Hibernal, Hibernaletta, Hibernol, Hlibanil, Ishitomin, Keyquil, Kloranzine, Klorazin, Klorazine, Klorproman, Klorpromazin, Klorpromex, Klotsin, Komazine, Korazine, Laractyl, Largactil, Largaktyl, Largapromactil, Largatrex, Largazin, Largo, Lenison, Leptozinal, Longactil, Matcine, Maitran, Matcine, Mazintil, Megaphen, Megatil, Meprosetil, Morefine, Neomazine, Neo-Mazine, Neurazine, Neurogel, Neuroplex, Neuroprom, Neurotiazina, Nevropromazine, Norcozine, Novapromazine, Novomacina, Onazine, Opelomin, Opromazin, Ormazine, Pansedil, Phenactyl, Phenathyl, Plegomazin, Plegomazine, Plus, Pogetol, Prazil, Procalm, Proma, Promachel, Promachlor, Promacid, Promactil, Promadcid, Promapar, Promaxil, Promaz, Promazil, Promazina, Promazine, Promexin, Promochlor, Promorgan, Promosol, Propaphen, Propaphenin, Protran, Prozil, Prozilembonat, Prozin, Prozyl, Psicarmon, Psychial, Psychozine, Psylactil, Psylaktil, Psynor, Repazine, Rimazine, Romazine, Saicostin, Sanopron, Scieractil, Sedatil, Sepamin, Serazone, Serectil, Solidon, Sonazine, Taroctyl, Terpium, Thera-Zine, Thor, Thor-Prom, Thoradex, Thoralen, Thoramed, Thorarex, Thorazene, Thorazine, Thoromil, Thor-Tabs, Torazina, Tosclam, Tosine, Tranquazine, Umelargil, Winsumin, Wintermin, Winternal, Zuledin, Zuledine; component of 6-Copin, Closerpil, Closerpin, Coktelin-H, Corofodin C, Dentha, Diabinese, Hirepin, Hirepine, Komazine, Largatrex, Largopress, Letargin, MC1, Meferpan, Megaphen Compositum, Neuroserpina, Oreticyl, Perten, Ponderil, Promazol Reserpina, Psiconal, Pacameta, Rau-Clor, Rauctil, Rauproma, Resactil, Sedo-Sermalin, Spasmisan CompuestoTrazine-SC, Triavil, Tripnol, Tripnol Forte, Wolfiazina

Chlorprothixen, Chlothixen, Cloxan, Compound 19, Minithixen, N 714, Paxyl, Quilibrex, Ro4-0403, Taractan, Tarasan, Taratan, Tractylon, Traquilan, Traquillan, Tra Quilan, Truxal, Truxaleta, Truxaletten, Truxaletter, Truxalettes, Truxil; component of Betavex, Eldoral

Blaston, Cidine, Cinigest, Paxapride, Pemix, Rogastril

Alimix, Arcasin, Cipril, Coordinax, Cyprid, Desaprid, Digenol, Dispeprid, Fisiogastrol, Kelosal, Kinet, Kinussen, Lirebin, Minsk, Peristal, Prepulsid, Prestal, Propulsin, Pulsitil, R 51619, Ruvetine, Saprit, Sisarid, Sismotil, Trautil

D2 receptor antagonist

Amicos, Clanzoflat, Clanzol, Clast, Clebodian, Cleboril, Clebutec, Cleprid, Flatoril, Gastridin, LAS 9273, Madurase, Motilex, Valopride, Viadil, Vuxolin

Alemoxan, Anzapine, Azoleptin, Clocinol, Clofax, Clopin, Clopine, Clopsine, CloSyn, Clozalux, Clozamedica, Clozapin, Clozapina, Clozapine, Clozarem, Clozix, Clozaril, Denzapine, Dicomex, Dipine, Discole, Elcrit, FazaClo, Froidir, HF 1854, Ihope, Isonida, Klozapol, Labincloz, Lanolept, Lapenax, Laponex, Leponex, Lepotex, Lodux, Lozapin, Lozapine, Luften, Luverina, LX 100-129, Refraxol, Sequax, Sicozapina, Sizopin, Sizoril, Skizoril, Syclop, Tanyl, Versacloz, W 108, Zapen, Zapine, Zaponex, Ziproc, Zopine, Zuclo-P

7204 RP, Cianatil, Tercian

Anatenazine, Anatensil, Anatensoi, Anatensol, Antasol, Calmansial, Cardilac, Cenilene, Cerevin, Dapotum, Deca, Decentan, Decafen, Decazate, Eldoral, Esprivex, Eutimox, Flenaken, Flucan, Fludecasin, Fludecasine, Fludecate, Flufenan, Flufenazin, Flufenazina, Flumazine, Flumezine, Flunanthate, Flunazine, Fluphenazin, Fluphenazine, Ftorfenazin, Horizone, Lyogen, Lyorodin, Mirenil, Modecate, Modezine, Moditen, Motipress, Omca, Omea, Pacinol, Pacinone, Permitil, Pharnazine, Phenazine, Phlufdek, Prolinate, Prolixin, Prolixine, Prolongatum, Redeptin, Sediten, Seditin, Selecten, Sevinal, Sevinol, Sevinon, Sikzonoate, Siqualine, Siqualone, Sydepres, Tensofin, Teviral, Trancin, Valamina, Vespazin; component of Amiperm, Dominans, Dominans Forte, Eldoral, Moti-Press, Motipress, Motival, Motival forte, Moti-3, Nodaf, Nodaf Forte, Norfenazin, Orpitil, Transannon, WL 7029

Akroperidol, Alased, Aldo, Aldol, Alfa Periodol, Aloperidin, Aloperidol, Aloperidolo, Aloperidon, Anactivan, Apracal, Avant, Binison, Bioperidolo, Brotopon, Brotpon, Buteridol, Butinon, Cereen, Cizoren, Decaldol, Decanoas 50, DEP, Depidol, Dores, Dosic, Dozic, Duraperidol, Einalon, Enabran, Etiperidol, Elaubat, Esextin Mita, Eukystol, Feltram, Fortunan, Galloperidol, Galoperidol, Govotil, Haldol, Halidol, Halidol, Halipia, Halo, Halojust, Halomed, Halomidol, Halomonth, Haloneural, Halo-P, Halopal, Haloped, Haloper, Haloperidol, Haloperidolum, Haloperil, Haloperin, Halopidol, Halopol, Haloretard, Halosten, Haloxen, Halozen, Halree, Hapidol, Haricon, Haridol, Hispadol, Inin, Kepsidol, Keselan, Klofluperidol, Kloptimerwa, Lealgin Compositum, Lemonamin, Leptol, Lepton, Limerix, Linton, Lodomer-2, Medilorin, McN-JR 1625, Mixidol, Motivan, Neopridol, Nervemaine, Neupram, Norodol, Novoperidol, Novo-Peridol, Pacedol, Parosmin, Peluces, Pericate, Perida, Peridol, Peridor, Pernox, Phlogis, Psicodol, Pulsit, R 1625, R 13.672, Rimont, Schizol, Seatop, Sedaperidol, Selezyme, Senorm, Seponsque, Seradol, Seranase, Seredol Deca, Serenace, Serenase (Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Italy, South Korea), Serenelfi, Sernas, Sernel, Sevium, Sigaperidol, Suirolin, Sylador, Tamide, Tanodol, Theraplix, Tiplac, Trakimin, Trenpe, Trinace, Vesadol, Youperidol, Zafrionil, Zavrionil, Zetoridal; component of Halidace, Hexidol, Ser-25, Sere-Banthine, Sutranx, Trancodol, Trinicalm, Trinorm, Ulcolind, Vesadol, Vesalium

HFZ D 775, Oldagen, Pasaden; component of Seda-Ildamen

alpha2 adrenoceptor antagonist and imidazoline receptor modulator

benzisoxazole, D(2)/5-HT(2) receptor antagonist

Fiapta, Fanapt, Fanapta, Fanaptum, HP 873, ILO 522, P 9662, Zomaril

P 4241, Ponsital

Actapront, Adantol, Andantol, Andanton, Apaisyl, Calmogel, Istamyl, Nilergex, Sedermyl, Theruhistin, Thiodantol

Ganaton, HSR803, Ruifulin

AHR 2277, Elanone, Lenperol, Lenperone

Bimotil, Dislep, Endacine, Leprid, Levobren, Levogastrol, Levopraid (Luxembourg), Pausedal, Procinox, Prokinetic, RV 12309, Sulprid; component of Rafagan, Rudox

Adasuve, CL 62362, CL 71.563, Daxolin, Desconex, Enipaxol, Lopac, Loxapac, Loxapax, Loxapine, Loxaris, Loxitane, LW 3170, Rosup, S 805, SUM 3170, Xylac

Aedon, Amulsin, Aprolan, Apsico, Arenbil, Arkolamyl, Asterilon, Balerap, Benexafrina, Bloonis, Caprilon, Colposec, Despertha, Dominazol, Domus, Dozic, Enolex, Espanzapin, Fontanivo, Fredilan, Frenial, Joyzol, Kozylex, Lanzac, Lanzafen, Lanzek, Lanzek Zydis, Lanzep, Lapenza, Lazap, Lazapix, Lazipine, Lapozan, Levocalm, Lonopex, Lonza, LY 170053, Lyprosia, Maquix, Marathon, Medizapin, Medolan, Meflax, Midax, Newzypra, Nodoff, Noler, Norpren, Nyzol, Oceanil, Oferta, Okpine, Ola, Olancer, Olandoz, olaniz, Olanpax, Olanpin, Olansek, Olansyn, Olanza, Olanzabeta, Olanzaburg, Olanzaccord, Olanzafloc, Olanzafran, Olanzagamma, Olanzalet, Olanzanat, Olanzapin, Olanzapina, Olanzapine, Olanzapro, Olanzaran, Olanzatabs, Olanzatang, Olanzespin, Olanzine, Olanzyl, Olapin, Olapina, Olapine, Olaprex, Olaprexa, Olasek, Olastazen, olawell, Olazax, Olazap, olchem, Oleans, Oleanz, Olenza, Olex, Olexa, Olexar, Olipazix, Olivin, Olmyzem, Olpax, Olpinat, Olstadryn, Olzapin, Onezyp, Onzapin, Optein, Ospizan, Ozapex, Oxatech, Ozace, Ozapex, Ozapine, Ozin, Panufix, Placet, Prolanz, Prolanza, Prolexa, Protil, Pryzex, Ranocyd, Remital, Revertrix, Rolanzax, Rolyprexa, Sartina, Simina, Sincris, Stalanza, Tanssel, Telorzan, Teufin Fast, Tiantrex, Tolaze, Tolazine, Torapine, Torrenia, Villamos, Vivacel, Xagena, Xoltiva, Zalasta, Zalepin, Zanprex, Zapen, Zapilux, Zapinex, Zapris, Zelta, Zeprex, Ziprexa, Zirmapina, Zolafren, Zolathen, Zonapin, Zoxil, Zydis, Zylanza, Zylap, Zypadhera, Zypeace, Zypefar, Zypexa, Zypine, Zyprex, Zyprexa, Zyrepin; component of Cymbyax, Symbiact, Symbiax, Symbyax

Emeset, Emetron, Fixca, Helmine, GR 38.032 F, SN 307, Zofran, Zofron, Zophren

Animin, Avomit, Calmazina, Decentan, Etaperazin, Etapirazin, Ethaperazin, Ethaperazine, Ethazeracin, Fentazin, F-Mon, Leptopsique, Metid, Neika, Pamfolick-R, Pelphenazine, Peratsin, Perfenazin, Perfenazina, Perfenazine, Perfenil, Pernamed, Pernazine, Perpena, Perphenan, Perphenazin, Perphenazine, Phenazine, Porazine, PZC, SCH 3940, Sedofaro, Terfluoperazine, Thilatazin, Tranquisan, Trifon, Trilafon, Trilifan, Trilifon, Trimin, Triomin, Triphenot; component of Adepsique, Apo-Peram, Complutine azul, Deprelio, Elavil Plus, Etrafon, Etrafon-Forte, Ipiobat, Karile, Longopax, Longopax mite, Longopax spezial, Minitran, Mustabon, Mutabase, Mutabon, Mobaton Forte, Mutabon Mite, Mutaspline, Norfen, Norfenazin, Perphenazine and Amitriptyline, Pertriptyl, PMS-Levazine, PMS Levazine, Proavil, Triamed, Triavil, Triphenaze, Triphenaze Forte, Triptafen, Triptafen Forte, Triptafen-Minor

5-HT2A receptor inverse agonist

ACP 103, BVF 036, Nuplazid

Antalon, Fopo, McN-JR 6238, Mozep, Neurap, N?rofren, Norofren, Opiram, Opiran, Oralep, Orap, Pimodac, Pimotid, Pimozida, Pirium, Pizide, Propitan, R 6238

6140 RP, Antinaus, Apiran, Apo-Prochlorazine, Buccastem, Capazine, Carmetic, Chemist's Own Procalm, Chloropernazinum, Chlorperazinum, Compa-Z, Compazine, Compro, Contrazine, Depafen, Dhaperazine, Dicopal, Emetiral, Emidoxyn, Greentab, Klometil, Lartil, Meterazin, Meterazine, Mitil, Nausetil, Nausrelief, Nautisol, Nauzine, Nibroman-A, Nibromin, Nipodal, Normalmin, Novamin, Nu-Prochlor, Pasotomin, Peratil, Prochlor, Prochlorazine, Prochlorperazin, Prochlorperazine, Proclazine, Proclozine, Properan, Protazine, Prozi?re, Prozine, Scripto-Metic, Stella, Stemetil, Stemzine, Steremal, Tementil, Trinigrin, Ultrazac, Ultrazine, Ultrazinol, Vertigon; component of Combid, Diudorm, Eskatrol, Stembamat, Stembid

Alofen, Ampazine, Ataractil, Atarzine, Calmazin, Calmotal, Centractil, Centractyl, Eliranol, Esparin, Fenal, Frenil, Hyzine, lntrazine, Lete, Liranol, Nectil, Neo-Hibernex, Neuroplegil, Norazine, Prazine, Primazine, Proactyl, Proma, Promabec, Promanyl, Promazettes, Promazin, Promazine, Promezerine, Promilene, Promwill, Propazine, Protactyl, Pro-Tan, Prozine, Prozyl, Savamine, Sediston, Serenex, Sinophenin, Sparine, Starazine, Talofen, Tomil, Tranquazine, Tubex Sparine, Verophen, WY 1094 component of Ketaset Plus, Narkotral, Norkotral, Tofranazine, Tofranil-Promazine, Tofranil with Promazine

3277 RP, Algotropyl, Allerfen, Allersoothe, Anergan, Antiallersin, Antinaus, Aprobit, Artu, Atosil, Avomine, Baymethazine, Bonnox, Cafitos, Closin, Daralix, Diphergan, Diprazin, Diprazins, Diprozin, Diprozine, Dorme, Duplamin, Eusedon, Eusedon mono, Fargan, Farganesse, Fellozine, Fenazil, Fenazine, Fenergan, Fenezal, Frinova, Ganphen, Gold Cross Antihistamine Elixir, Goodnight, Hepergan, Hibechin, Hiberna, Histanil, Histazin, Infa-stress, Insomn-Eze, Intramed Promethazine Hydrochloride, K-Phen, K-Promex, Lemprometh, Lenazine, Leptozinal, Lergigan, Lergobit, Letargin, Mepergan, Meta, Methazine, Meth-Zine, Nausedin, Norazine, Optimine, Painstop syrup, Pamergan P106, Panquil, Parmeth, Pelpica, Pentazine, Perduretas Antihistaminicas, Phenadoz, Phenazine, Phencen, Phenerex, Phenergan, Phenerhist, Phenerject, Phenerzin, Phenoject, Phergan, Pipolphen, Pipolphene, Pro-50, Profergan, Progan, Prohist, Promahist, Prome, Promegan, Promet, Prometasin, Prometazin, Prometazina, Prometh, Promethapar, Promethastan, Promethawern, Promethazin, Promethazine, Promethegan, Promine, Promkiddi, Proneurin, Prorex, Prothazin, Prothazine, Prothia, Prothiazine, Proviga, Prozine, Pyrethia, Q Mazine, Quadnite, Remsed, Receptozine, Rivozine, Rolamethazine, Romergan, Sayomol, Sekodin, Sigazine, Sominex, Soporil, Sylomet, Synalgos, Thiergan, Titanox, Tubex Phenergan, V-Gan, Zipan; component of Bedorma, Bonox, Broncatar, Cardian, Cetiproman, Children's Tixylix Night, Coktelin-H, Coldrex Night Relief, Contrapect, Dobacen, Doroma, Endacof Expectorant, Erbaval, Euvegal, Fluisedal, Hepergan, Hirepin, Hirepine, Hypnital, Lergigan, Linervidol, Linervil, Lysedil, Maxigesic, MC1, Megaphen Compositum, Merpergan, Mrs Cullens Sleep Ezee, Nardyl, Night Nurse, Nuleron, Otophon, Pacameta, Paedagesic, Painstop For Children Night-time Pain Reliever, Pamergan, Panadol, Panadol with Promethazine, Panquil, Phenergan VC, Phenestimin, Phensedyl Dry Family Cough, Preveral con Codeina, Preveral con Dextrometorfano, Prometh with Codeine Syrup, Promethazine DM, Promethazine VC, Promethazine VC with Codeine, Psiconovag, Psico-Soma, Recoveril, Rectoquintyl-Promethazin, Rhinathiol Promethazin, Rhinathiol Promethazine, Somvit, Tenebral, Tixylix Children's Cough Linctus, Tripnol, Tripnol Forte, Tussisedal, Zephrol Adult cough suppressant

Avomine, Avopreg, Meth-Zine, Promethawern

Anaprel, Apolon, Aporecin, Aporesin, Apoterin, Atension, Atention, Caniramin, Caniramine, Cartric, Cinamine, Cinatabs, Cinnaloid, Cinnasil, Colstamin, Daisaloid, Disulojde, Franx, Hypotenamin, Isocalsine, Moderil, Neucenamine, Paresinan, Raupyrol, Raurescin, Recimin, Remicin, Rescaloid, Rescamin, Rescimin, Rescinate, Rescisan, Rescitens, Rescitrone, Resiloid, Resipal, Rosex, Rozex, Ruconax, Sciminan, Sercinamin, Seripinin, Sinselpin, Tenamin, Tsuruserpi; component of Modenol

Alkarau, Alkascrp, Alserin, Anquil, Apoplon, Arcum R-S, Ascoserp, Banasil, Bonapene, Broserpine, Cardioserpin, Carrserp, Crystoserpine, De Serpa, Deserpine, Diutensen-R, Ebserpine, Elserpine, Eskaserp, Grona, Helfoserpin C, Hipotensor, Hiserpia, Hyperine, Hyserp, Hyserpin, Ipotalaz, Key-Serpine, Kitine, Lemiserp, Lopres Mild, Lopresyl, Loweserp, Maso-Serpine, Maviserpin, Mephaserpin, Neo-Serp, Novoresperine, Orthoserpina, Pansertin, Perduretas Reserpina, Pinbin, Pressunic, Quiescin, Raucap, Rau-Fridetten, Raulen, Rauloydin, Raunormin, Raupasil, Raurine, Rausan, Rau-Sed, Rausedan, Rausedyl, Rauserpin, Rauserpine, Rauserpol, Rausingle, Rautabs, Rauverid, Rauvilid, Rauwita, Rauwopur, R-E-S, Resa, Resedrex, Resedril, Rese-Lar, Resera, Reser-Ar, Reserbal, Resercen, Resercrine, Reserfi, Reserfia, Reserjen, Reserlor, Reserp, Reserpal, Reserpanca, Reserpaneed, Reserpex, Reserpin, Reserpina, Reserpine, Reserpini, Reserpinum, Reserpoid, Reserpur, Reserutin, Resine, Resocalm, Resomine, Respil, Respine, Respital, Restran, Rezerpin, Rivasin, Rolserp, Roxel, Roxinoid, Ryser, Sandril, Sedaraupin, Sedaraupina, Sedserp, Serfin, Serolfia, Serp, Serpalan, Serpaloid, Serpanray, Serpasil, Serpasol, Serpate, Serpax, Serpazide, Serpedin, Serpen, Serpena, Serpentil, Serpentine, Serpicon, Serpiloid, Serpin, Serpine, Serpipur, Serpivite, Serpoid, Serpone, Serpresan, Sertabs, Sertina, Tefaserpina, Temposenpine, Tensanyl, Tenserp, Tenserpine, Tensin, Tensiplex, T-Serp, Unilord, Vio-Serpine, V-Serp, Zepine; component of Adelfan, Adelphan, Agetran, Amfeserpin, Amril, Barotonal, Bendigon N, Brinerdin, Brinerdina, Briserin, Closerpil, Closerpin, Combezide-B, Darebon, Demi-Regroton, Disalpin, Diupres, Diurese-R, Diutensen, Diuretic Ap-Es, Diuserpina fuerte, Diutensen-R, Du-Oria, Durotan, dysto-loges, Elimit, Faseina, Genophane, Harbolin, HHR, Higroton-Res, Hirepin, Hirepine, Homviotensin, Hydrap-ES, Hydromox, Hydropine, Hydropres, Hydro-Reserp, Hydroserp, Hydroserpine, Hydrosine, Hydrotensin, Hygroton-Reserpin, Hygroton-Reserpine, Id-Setin, Igroton Reserpina, Kliman, Largopress, Lasix-Reserpin, Mallopres, Marpres, Mediton, Megaphen Compositum, Meprocalm, Meprosedon, Merferpan, Metatensin, Miltamato Reserpin, Modenol, Naquival, Neourizine, Neuroserpina, Ondasil, Oreticyl, Perten, Phasein, Phasein forte, Ponderil, Pressimed, Pressimedin, Promazol Reserpina, Psiconal, Psychosed, Rau-Clor, Rauctil, Rauproma, Regroton, Renese-R, Renese-Reserpin, Resactil, Resaltex, Resibamato, Ricrat, Rivadorm, Salupres, Salutensin, Sarpalzino, Seda-Repicin, Sedo-Ser-Ap-Es, Seominal, Ser-A-Gen, Serathide, Sermalin, Serpamat, Serpatonil, Serpazide, Serpex, Supergan, Suprenoat, Tensanyl, Tensionorme, Tonamyl, Triavil, Tri-Hydroserpine, Triniton, Tri.-Thiazid Reserpin, Unipres, Uni Serp, Viotensin, Wolfiazina

aceperidon, Adovia, Afectol, Aleptan, Altexina, Anxilet, Arketin, Aspidon, Atornil, Avanxe, Axelabron, Belasperdal, Belivon, Calmapride, Capulton, Dagotil, Danedol, Definil, Delperal, Denoral, Depolan, Depredon, Diaforin, Dixine, Dozic, Dropicine, Edalen, Goval, Helposper, Isperin, Isipredon, Ispidon, Kantucor, Kronoax, Lassen, Leterzin, Levo Prom, Limbik, Linipon, Logical, Lost Per, Lucipral, Lumencian, Luvenil, Midason, Mirabril, Muistin, Natibo, Neorisp, Neripros, Nerve, Nivelan, Noprenia, ?orispez, Novoris, Orodral, Ozidal, Perdamel, Peridon, Persidal-2, Pharmaridon, Prerodon, Psycharisp, Psicodol, R 64766, Radigen, Radlinn, Rehablit, Relaxina, Relexil, Renuvie, Resdal, Resdep, Reskizof, Respaz, Resperidal, Respindel, Restela, Restelea, Riatul, Ribex, Ridal, Ridokare, Ridona, vRifocus, Ripaspen, Rigenox, Rileptid, Ripepral, Riper, Risdin, Riperidon, Ripevil, Ripexil, Risdon, Risdone, Risenar, Risfarmal, Risperac, Risdon, Risdone, Risenar, Risfree, Risgal, Risidral, Risleptic, Risocon, Risofren, Risoperin, Risotor, Rispa, Rispacarm, Rispal, Rispatal, Rispalm, Rispas, Rispastedt, Rispcon, RispeCare, Rispefar, Rispel, Rispelen, Rispen, Rispenet, Rispe-Q, Risper, Risperascol, Risperdal, Risperdalconsta, Risperdal Consta, Risperdaloro, Risperdoc, Risperger, Risperibell, Rispericlan, Rispericor, Risperid, Risperidal, Risperidex, Risperidon, Risperidona, Risperidone, Risperidonazentiva, Risperidone, Risperigamma, Risperihex, Risperil, Risperimed, Risperin, Risperinorm, Risperiphar, Risperipharm, Risperisan, Risperite, Risperix, Rispernia, Risperom, Risperon, Risperoprol, Rispersan, Rispertek, Rispeva, Rispex, Rispid, Risploes, Rispo, Rispolux, Rispogen, Rispolept, Rispolet, Rispolin, Rispolux, Rispon, Rispond, Rispone, Rispons, Rispsiq, Rispyl, Rivosten, Rixadone, Rizodal, Rosucrest, Rosustor, Roxodyn, Rozidal, RSP, Rubrum, Sequinan, Sicopidol, Silderec, Spax, Sperelax, Spiron, Sycodone, Sizodon, Torendo, Tractal, Tralinex, Upmotev, Vidacil, Vixofar, Wisperdon, Wisperidon, Xicoretic, Zafitral, Zargus, Zeclonex, Zesperone, Ziphergen, Zofredal

DA agonist, 5-HT inhibitor, 5-HT1A agonist

EMD 38362, EMD 49980

Sociam, TER 1546

Abilit, Abimoral, Aiglonyl, Alimoral, Aplacid, Arminol, Betamac T50, Betamaks, Calmoflorine, Calophyron, Catcheel, Champinyl, Championyl, Confidan, Coolspan, Co-Sulpir, Daiftol, Danatiryl, Darleton, Darmatil, Depex, Deponerton, Depral, Desisulpid, Desmenat, Devodil, Digton, Dixibon, Dobren, Docsulpiri, Dogmalid, Dogmatil, Dogmatyl, Dolmatil, Dresent, Drominetas, Eclorion, Eglonyl, Ekilid, Empidill, Enimon, Equilid, Esalfon, Esipride, Eusulpid, Fardalan, Fidelan, Finul, FK 880, Gelpid, Guastil, Guven, Idilion, Intrasil, Isnamide, Kapiride, Keityl, Kylistro, Lavodina, Lebopride, Levopraid (Belgium), Lisopiride, Lusedan, Mactyl, Margenol, Mariastel, Megotyl, Meresa, Meresasul, Metexal, Milmatol, Miradol, Mirbanil, Misulvan, Mixatonil, Modal, Modulan, Naldixine, Neogama, Neoride, Neoride, Neuromyfar, Nivelan, Noneston, Norestran, Normum, Nufarol, Nylipack, Nylipark, Omaha, Omiryl, Omperan, Ozodeprin, Palyselyte, Panholeal, Paradil, Paratil, Pontiride, Prometar, Prosulpin, Psicocen, Psychonerton, Pyrikappl, Quastil, Quiridil, Restful, Rimastine, Ritamotyl, Sanblex, Sato, Sedobion, Sedusen, Seeglu, Sernevin, Sicofrenol, Silavidon, Skanozene, Somaprid, Splotin, Stamaclit, Stamoneurol, Stamonevrol, Stamoneyrol, Storin, S?lpir, S?lpirid, Suliryd, Sulp, Sulparex, Sulpen, Sulperide, Sulpi, Sulpid, Sulpilan, Sulpimed, Sulpinex, Sulpiphar, Sulpiran, Sulpired, Sulpiren, Sulpirid, Sulpirida, Sulpiride, Sulpiridestada, Sulpiril, Sulpirol, Sulpiryd, Sulpiryl, Sulpisedan, Sulpisil, Sulpitil, Sulpivert, Sulpivol, Sulpor, Sulpride, Sulpril, Sulprium, Sulpryl, Supesanile, Suprium, Suride, Sursumid, Synédil, Tanjule, Taromathyle, Tepavil, Tohpiride, Tonofit, Trilan, Trilan, Ulceridol, Ulpir, Valirem, Vertigo-Meresa, vertigo-neogama, Vipral, Youmatyl, Zemorcon, Zeprid, Zymocomb; component of Alplax Digest, Alplax Net, Aneurol, Ansietil S NF, Ansium, Axonil, Distonex, Lexpiride, Mitransil S, Neupax Duo-S, Normalide, Numencial, Numencial Plus, Optimid, Regulex, Sirodina, Sulpan, Sulpiran T, Tensedan, Tepazepam, Tranquinal Soma, Tranxilium Digest, Tresanil S, Vegestabil, Velosedan Compuesto, Xiconeural 3

Barnetil, Barnetyl, Barnotil, LIN 1418, Sultopride, Sultopride Pharman, Topral

Directim, Maneon, Neolior, Provector, S 1694, Survector, Viaspera

Adepress, Adepril, ADT, ADT-Zimaia, Alkym, Amavil, Ami-Anelun, Amicen, Amilent, Amilin, Amiline, Amilit, Amilit-IFI, Amineurin, Amioxid, Amiplin, Amiprin, Amiptril, Amirol, Amiptanol, Amitid, Amitie, Amitina, Amitril, Amitrip, Amitriptilin, Amitriptilina, Amitriptol, Amitriptylin, Amitriptyline, Amitriptylinum, Amitrol, Amitryn, Amizol, Amyline, Amytril, Amyzol, Anapsique, Ancholibre, Ancix, Angopasse, AnnoIytin, Arin, Atophine, Atriptal, Belpax, Damilen, Damilena, Daprimen, Decatryptin, Deprelio, Deprestat, Deprex, Desitriptylin, Diatrase, Dolsedol, Domical, EIavil, Elatrol, Elatrolet, Elavil, Elegen-G, Elsitriol, Eliwel, Emitrip, Enafon, Endep, EnoviI, Etravil, Euplit, Fiorda, Iramil, Kyliran, Lantron, Laroxal, Laroxyl, Larozyl, Lentizol, Levate, Levazine, Levitone, Libroksil, Loxaryl, Mareline, Maxivalet, Melapramine A, Meravil, Miketorin, Mitaptyline, Modup, Mutabon D, Neuptanol, Noiptanol, Noriline, Normaln, Normaln, Novoprotect, Novotriptyn, Novo-Triptyn, Oasil-M, Pinsanu, Pinsaun, Polysal, Polytanol, Proheptadien, Prosaldon, Protanol, Psiquium, Psypharm, Qualitriptine, Quietal, Redomex, Rolavil, Sarotard, Saroten, Sarotena, Sarotex, Schuvel, Serotex, Sicobil, Stelminal, Sylvemid, Syneudon, Teedep, Teperin, Thymontil, Torydanol, Trepiline, Tridep, Tripta, Triptamed, Triptanol, Triptil, Triptilin, Triptizol, Triptyl, Triptyline, Tryptine, Tryptizol, Trynol, Tryptacap, Tryptal, Tryptanol, Tryptalette, Tryptalgin, Tryptanol, Tryptine, Tryptizol, Tryptizolembonat, Tryptomer, Trytanol, Trytomer, Uxen, Vanatrip; component of Adepsique, Amilit, Amiperm, Amitryn, Amixide, Anelun Compositum, Ansiolin, Antalin, Apo-Peram, Axeptyl, Chlordiazepoxide and Amitriptyline, Cuait-D, Deprelio, Diapatol, Elavil Plus, Etrafon, Etrafon-Forte, Fulcrum, Ipiobat, Klotriptyl, Klotriptyl Mite, Kralant, Libroksil, Limbatril, Limbatril F, Limbatrilin, Limbatrilin F, Limbitrol, Limbitrol F, Limbitryl, Limbitryl Plus, Longopax, Longopax mite, Longopax spezial, Melime, Minitran, Moralin, Mustabon, Mutabase, Mutabon, Mutabon Forte, Mutabon Mite, Mutanxion, Mutaspline, Nobitrol, Pantrop, Pantrop Retard, ParKS-Plus, Paxium, Perphenazine and Amitriptyline, Pertriptyl, PMS Levazine, PMS-Levazine, Proavil, Rocitens, Rocitens Forte, Ro 4-6270, Sedans, Somnium (Greece), Tranconij, Triamed, Triavil, Triphenaze, Triphenaze Forte, Triptafen, Triptafen Forte, Triptafen-Minor, Vemar

Ambivalon, Amioxid, Equilibrin, Neurarmonil

S 20098, Valdoxan

Adisen, Amoxan, Amoxapine, Ascendis, Asenden, Asendin, Asendis, CL 67.772, Defanyl, Demolox, Moxadil, Omnipress

5-HT1B receptor agonist

α2 adrenoreceptor antagonist

Antisedan, MPV 124

Tetracyclic analogue of imipramine

reversible monoamine-oxidase inhibitor

partial NE/5-HT uptake inhibitor, phosphodiesterase inhibitor

Ixprim, RU 39 780, Sgd-Scha 1059

Amfebutamone, Aplenzin, Betetrim, Budeprion, Bupep, Bupredol, Bupril, Buprion, Buproban, Bupropion, Bupropionhydrochlorid, Buprotrin, Butrew, Buxon, BW 323 U, Carmubine, Corzen, Dosier, Elontril, Forfivo, Funnix, Magerion, Nicopion, Nixin, Odranal, Prexaton, Prewell, Quomem, Quonem, Well, Wellbatrin, Wellbutrin, Zyban, Zylexx, Zyntabac; component of Contrave, Mysimba

AY 62.0l4, Evadene, Evadyne, Evasidol

serotonin re-uptake inhibitor

Abbapram, Acelopram, Actipram, Adeprenal, A-Depress-Therapy, Akarin, Alegrisan, Alepram, Alutan, Ansiben, Ansiodex, Apertia, Arpolax, Atinorm, Auropram, Axopram, Bellcital, Belmazol, Biben, Calton, Celapram, Celexa, Celius, Celopram, Ciazil, Cibrom, Cilex, Cilift, Cilopress, Cimal, Cinapen, Ciprager, Cipralam, Cipram, Cipramil, Cipraned, Ciprapine, Ciprex "Paranova", Ciprotan, Ciram, Citabax, Citadep, citadura, Citalanorm, Citalec, Citaleq, citadura, Citalgert, Citalhexal, CitaLich, Citalobexal, Citalo, Citalogamma, Citalomyl, Citalon, Citalophex, Citalopram, Citaloprol, Citalosandoz, Citalux, Citalostad, Citao, Citalvir, Citara, Citarcana, Citazone, Citol, Citopam, Citoprex, Citor, Citox, Citrol, Claropram, Cortran, CTP 30, Dalsan, Depresmil, Ecloram, Elopram, Emocal, Eostar, Erlicon, Espinal, Estabel, Exenadil, Feliximir, Feliz, Finap, Frimaind, Futuril, Galopran, Goldamit, Humorap, Hydertan, Inhisser, Kaidor, Kitapram, Kylipram, Lampopram, Locitafer, Lodeprem, Lopracil, Lopram, Lopraxer, Loptar, Loxpram, Lu 10-171, Lupram, Luvitar, Malicon, Marpram, Medipram, Megafors, Neuroless, Norecsero, Percital, Pralotam, Pram, Pramcil, Pramexyl, Pramital, Prefucet, Prepram, Pricital, Prisdal, Prisma, Psiconor, Recital, Relapaz, Remicital, Renevil, Return, Ricap, Ropramin, Rudopram, Selon, Semax, Sepram, Seproc, Seralgan, Seregra, Seretover, Serital, Seroplex, Seropram, Seror, Setronil, Siloam, Sotovon, Sintopram, Si-Q, Talam, Talohexal, Talosin, Talpram, Taprocil, Tasonade, Temperax, Tessio, Trimopan, Unstress, Varom, Verisan, Verus, Vesema, Vibel, Xadorek, Xylorane, Zalopram, Zanipram, ZD, Zeclicid, Zentius, Zeprak, Zylopram

Devryl, Olaxin, SKF 14.336

Anafranil, Atenual, Ausentron, Clobram, Clofranil, Clomax, Clomicalm, Clomifril, Clomipran, Clomipramin, Clomipramina, Clomipramine, Clomitan, Clopran, Clopress, Clorimax, Depranil, Equinorm, For-You, G 34.586, Gromin, Huma-Clopamine, Hydiphen, Klomipramin, Melancol, Mipramin, Novo-Clopamine, Placil, Praminex, Zoiral

monoamine oxidase inhibitor

serotonin re-uptake inhibitor

Actan, Actisac, Adepssir, Adofen, Afeksin, Affectine, Affex, Alental, Alentol, Alzac, Andep, Animexon, Animex-on, Anisimol, Aniup, Anoxen, Ansi, Ansilan, Antipres, Antiprestin, Anxetin, Anzac, Astrin, ATD, Atenopress, Auroken, Auscap, Axtin, Azur, Barozac, Beltium, Bellzac, Bioxetin, Biozac, Captaton, Catrigel, Clexiclor, Clinium, Cloriflox, Combi, Conduxet, Conexine, Confium, Cramin, Daforen, Daforin, Dagrilan, Deflox, Deprax, Depreks, Deprelafax, Depren, Deprenon, Depress, Deprex, Deprexen, Deprexin, Deprifel, Deprizac, Deproxin, Deproz, Deprozin, Depset, Deturben, Diesan, Digassim, Dinalexin, Dizpazil, Docfluoxetine, Dominium, Eburnate, Elizac, Emotix, Emozac, Equiflox, Equilibrane, Erocap, Estimul, Eufor, Eximius, Exostrept, Expectein, Faboxetina, Farmaxetina, Fefluzin, Felicium, Felixina, Feminella, F-Exina, Finicort, Flenazole, Flexetor, Flocefran, Flocet, Flonital, Flood 20, Florak, Florexal, Flotina, Flonital, Floxet, Floxin, Fluctin, Fluctine, Flucti-nerton, Fludac, Fludeka, Fluesco, Flufran, Fluketin, Flumed, Fluneurin, Flunil, Flunirin, Fluocalm, Fluocim, Fluohexal, Fluopiram, Fluox, Fluoxa, Fluoxac, fluoxbasan, fluox-basan, Fluoxebell, FluoxeLich, Fluoxemerck, Fluoxenorm, Fluoxe-Q, Fluoxeren, Fluoxeron, Fluoxetin, Fluoxetina, Fluoxetine, Fluoxgamma, Fluoxibene, Fluoxifar, Fluoxil, Fluoxin, Fluoxiram, Fluoxine, Fluoxistad, Fluoxityrol, Flouxmerck, Fluoxone, Fluox-Puren, Fluoxstad, Fluoxtab, Fluoxzac, Fluozac, Flupress, Fluralex, Fluran, Fluronin, Flusac, Flusol, Flutin, Flutinax, Flutine, Fluval, Fluxadir, Flux, Fluxadir, Fluxal, Fluxantin, Fluxen, Fluxene, Fluxentac, Fluxet, Fluxeti, Fluxetil, Fluxetin, Fluxil, Fluxin, Fluxnet, FluxoMed, Fluxone, Fluxonil, Fluzac, Fokeston, Folizol, Foncil "Paranova", Fondozal, Fondozal "Orifarm", Fondur, Fonigen, Fontex, Fonzac, Foxetin, Foxine, Foxtin, Frendix, Fropine, Fuloren, Fulsak, Fusum, Fuxetine, FXT, Fysionorm, Gerozac, Greit, Grinflux, Hapilux, Ibixetin, Indozul, Ipsumor, Kalxetin, Ladose, Lanclic, Lapsus, Lebensart, Lecimar, Livertox, Loksetin, Lorien, Lovan, Loxetine, Luminal, Luramon, Luserpal, Magrilan, Margrilan, Medizac, Micogen, Mitilase, Modipran, Moltoben, Motivest, Motivone, Mutan, Mutin, Nerbet, Nervosal, Neupax, Neuro Lax, Nicoflox, Nodep, Nodepe, Noladep, Nopres, Nopress, Nortec, Norzac, NuFluo, Nuzac, Nuzak, Nycoflox, Orthon, Ovisen, Oxactin, Oxedep, Oxetine, Oxsac, Panderm, Philozac, Pisaurit, Platin, Plenacer, Plinzene, Portal, Positivum, Pragmaten, Praxin, Prazac, Pressetina, Prizma, Proctin, Prodac, Prodep, Prohexal, Prosax, Prosimed, Provatine, Proxalab, Prozac, Prozamel, Prozatan, Prozen, Prozep, Prozit, Prozyn, Psipax, Psiquial, Qualisac, Quanilene, Reconcile, Regultron, Reneuron, Rowexetina, Rozax, Salipax, Sanitin, Sanzur, Sarafem, Sarmel, Sartuzin, Saurat, Selectus, Serafem, Serezac, Serol, Seromex, Seronil, Seroscand, Sinzac, Siquial, Somatin, Sostac, Stephadilat-S, Stressless, Teczac, Temperax, Thiramil, Tiflun, Tingus, Tonovital, Tremafarm, Tune, Tunelez, Tuneluz, Ulmely, Unprozy, U-Zet, Veritina, Verotina, Vicsel, Xeredien, Xetinax, ZAC, Zactin, Zafluox, Zatin, Zedprex, Zepax, Zinovat; component of Cymbyax, Symbiact, Symbiax, Symbyax

monoamine uptake inhibitor

Afloyan, Amirel, Aurozapine, Avanza, Axit, Azapin, Bexzis, Bilanz, Ciblex, Comenter, Depreless, Depreram, Deprezina, Divaril, Farmapina, Lanazapin, Menelat, Midexar, Mi Er Ning, Milivin, Mirap, Mirel, Mirazep, Mirpik, Mirta, Mirtabene, Mirtabeta, Mirtafran, Mirtagamma, Mirtalab, Mirtalen, MirtaLich, Mirtamor, Mirtamylan, Mirtapax, Mirtapel, Mirtapil, Mirtapress, Mirtaron, Mirtas, Mirtax, Mirtaz, Mirtaza, Mirtazafer, Mirzalux, Mirtazap, Mirtazapin, Mirtazapina, Mirtazapine, Mirtazaval, Mirtazelon, Mirtazep, Mirtazon, Mirtazop, Mirtazza, Mitrazapin, Mirtel, Mirzalux, Mirzaten, Mitaxind, Mizapin, Motofen, Norset, Noxibel, Org 3770, Plusvidin, Promyrtil, Remedrint, Remergil, Remergon, Remeril, Remeron, Remeronsoltab, Remirta, Remixil, Rexer, Saxib, Segmir, Sinmaron, Tazamel, Tazepin, Terladep, Tetrazic, Trovia, U-Mirtaron, Vastat, Zania, Zapex, Zismirt, Zispin, Zistap, Zuleptan

reversible inhibition of monoamine oxidase

Acuilix, Akenex, Aleterc, Amira, Animex, Arima, Arol, Aurobemid, Auromid, Aurorex, Aurorix, Biorix, Clobemide, Clobemix, Clorix, Demobal, Deprenorm, Docmoclobe, Feraken, Inpront, Langtian, Lobem, Manerix, Mannerix, Maosig, Mobemide, Moclamine, Moclix, Moclo A, Moclobemid, Moclobemida, Moclobemide, Moclobephar, Mocloberix, Moclobeta, Moclobin, Moclodmoclodura, Moclonorm, Mohexal, Morex, Rimarex, Rimarix, Rimoc, Ro 11-1163/000, Solarix

Eudatine, Eutonyl, Pargylin, Tenalin

serotonin re-uptake inhibitor

Afenexil, Allenopar, Anziatina, Aparo, Apo-Oxpar, Arapaxel, Aropax, Aroxat, Aroxetin, A-Xat, Bectam, Brisdelle, Casbol, Collepax, Cronadyn, Daparox, Datevan, Deparoc, Deroxat, Destul, Dexantol, Dispax, Divarius, Drimipax, Dropax, Dropaxin, Ennos, Euplix, Eutimil, Extine, Frosinor, Glaxopar, Hemixtril, Ixicrol, Klosadex, Laparox, Loxamine, Luxotine, Medixen, Meloxat, Meplar, Motivan, Moxetin, Naburon, Neufagil, Neurotrox, Noprilex, Ocampina, Olane, Ontracel, Oxet, Oxetine, Pacex, Paluxetil, Pamax, Pamoxet, Pari-CR, Paraut, Parexat, Parexel, Parexis, Parliff, Parlift, Parocetan, Parodel, Parodep, Parodox, Paroglax, ParoLich, Paronex, Parosat, Paroser, Paroten, Parotina, Parox, Paroxil, Paroxalon, Paroxat, paroxedura, Paroxemis, Paroxemylan, Paroxepel, Paroxet, Paroxetin, Paroxetina, Paroxetine, Paroxetiva, Paroxetop, Paroxia, Paroxil, Paxan, Paxetil, Paxil, Paxinol, Paxt, Paxtine, Paxxet, Pemix, Pexeva, Posivyl, Prexat, Prexetin, Prexor, Psicoasten, Psycolina, Rexetin, Riedilex, Roxepar, Roxet, Roxtine, Saropide, Seniden, Serestill, Seretran, Sereupin, Seroxat, Setine, Sicotral, Sicotropin, Sindep, Solben, Sostel, Stiliden, Suptran, Taberil, Tagonis, Tamcere, Tiarix, Traviata, Xerenex, XET, Xetanor, Xeticross, Xetin, Xetine-P, Xetimox, Xetroban, Xilanic, Zetix, Zuria; component of Aipratex

CRF-1 receptor antagonist

Ambo-neural, Amboneural, Amindan, Antiparkin, Brintenal, Carbex, Clondepryl, Cognitiv, Comenter, Cosmopril, DEP, Deprenyl, Deprilan, E 250, Egibren, Eldeprine, Eldepryl, Elegelin, Emsam, Endopryl, Ensam, Erhydrol, FPF 1100, Jin Si Ping, Julab, Julap, Julegil, Jumex, Jumexal, Kayexalate, Kinabide, Kinline, L-deprenyl, Lesotal, Mao-B, Maotil, Moverdin, Movergan, Moverin, Niar, Oravant, Otrasel, Parkilyne, Parkinyl, Plurimen, Procythol, Regepar, Sedicel, Sefmex, Segan, Seldepar, Selecim, Seledat, Selegam, Selegil, Selegilin, Selegilina, Selegiline, Selegos, Selemerck, Selenor, Selepark, Selepin, Seletop 5, Selexss, Selezin, Selgene, Selgian, Selgimed, Selgin, Selgina, Selpar, Sepatrem, Serlain, Serlo, Siltin, Sygilum, Tremorex, Ultravital, Vivapryl, Xilopar, Zactolyne, Zelapar, Zelapon

serotonin and dopamine re-uptake inhibitor

RX 10100, RX 10100, RX 10100-XR, Serdaxin, Zoraxel

serotonin re-uptake inhibitor

Acortral, Adeprex, Adjuvin, Aleval, Alpraser Simple, Altisben, Altruline, Aluprex, Alutrin, Anilar, Ansium, Antipres, Aremis, Ariale, Asentra, Aserin, Asertral, Atenix, Aurasert, Bellsert, Besitran, Bicromil, Bzoft, Celonfex, Certorun, Cimicile, Concorz, Conexine, Cratular, Delust, Depax, Deprax, Deprecalm, Depreger, Deptral, Deptraser, Dipresol, Docsertrali, Dominium, Dominum, Doxime, Eleva, Eleval, Emergen, Enidap, Epilyd, Equivac, Fatral, Felizita, Fridep, Gerotralin, Gladem, Iglodep, Implicane, Inosert, Insertec, Irradial, Lazymuline, Lesefer, Lomaz, Lowfin, Lusedan, Lusert, Lustral, Lustraline, Neurosedine, Nudep, Pandomil, Pazeron, Periplum, Positiv, Prorecap, Prodepres, Prosertin, Psicomed, Purtraline, Reguxina, Relasez, Resortan, Resteral, Rodiflam, Salinaker, Satil, Sealdin, Sedoran, Selasmin, Selectra, Seltra, Serad, Seralin, Seraline, Sercerin, Serdep, Sered, Serenata, Seretral, Serivo, Seronex, Serimel, Serlain, Serlan, Serlife, Serlin, Serlina, Serline, Serlift, Sernade, Serolox, Serolux, Serotyp, Ser-T, Sertac, Sertador, Sertex, Sertep, Sertirina, Sertra, Sertrabrain, Sertral, Sertralab, Sertralic, Sertraline, Sertra-Med, Sertranex, Sertranquil, Sertrapel, Sertarcana, Sertratres, Sertra-Isis, Sertragen, Sertral, Sertralin, Sertralina, Sertraline, Sertralix, Sertralon, Sertranex, Sertraniche, Sertarnorm, Sertra-Q, Sertrateg, Sertraver, Sertrax, Sertraxea, Sertrex, Sertrilak, Sertrin, Sertrina, Servantax, Setrax, Sertrol, Setrona, Solutrex, Sosser, Starin, Stimuloton, Suprisec, Suxlim, Tatig, Tialin, Tifisertal, Tolrest, Tralin, Traline, Tralinser, Traxor, Tresleen, Trialine, Trimalon, Verax, Vunot, Xydep, You-Jet, Zajartal, Zerlin, Zephyr, Zolodin, Zolof, Zoloft, Zolotral, Zolotrin, Zoltra, Zortal, Zosert, Zotaline, Zotral, Zoxx; component of Alpraser

Actebral, Actinerval, Admira, Agital, Amizepin, Atretol, Auration, Avaplex, Azepa, Azepal, Azepin, Bamazepin, Bamgetol, Basitrol, Bioneuril, Biston, Brucarcer, Bufipina, Cacerpina, Calepsin, Camapine, Carazepin, Carba, Carbacorp, Carbadac, Carbabeta, Carbadura, Carbactol, Carbaflux, Carbagamma, Carbagen, Carbagramon, Carbagretil, Carbagretol, Carbalan, Carbam, Carbamacepina, Carbamat, Carbamaz, Carbamazepin, Carbamazepina, Carbamazepine, Carbamin, Carbapin, Carbasal, Carbastar, Carbatol, Carbatrol, Carbaval, Carbazene, Carbazep, Carbazina, Carbazine, Carbelan liquid, Carbium, Carbymal, Carmapine, Carmaz, Carmazepin, Carmian, Carmine, Carpaz, Carpin, Carsol, Carzep, Carzepin, Carzepine, Carzetol, Cetiril, Cinazel, Cizetol, Clostedal, C. M.P. Conformal, Convulex, Convuline, Degranol, Deleptin, Dobucar, Elebe, Epazin, Epial, Epileptol, Epimaz, Epitol, Epix, Eposal, Equetro, espa-lepsin, Finlepsin, Fokalepsin, Foxalepsin, Furosix, Gabox, Gericarb, Hermolepsin, Invol, Karazepin, Karbalex, Karbamazepin, Karbapin, Karbasalin, Karbasif, Karbazin, Karberol, Kazepin, Kodapan, Lepsitol, Lexin, Macrepan, Mazepine, Mazetol, Mexaden, Mezacar, Neocarb, Neugeron, Neural, Neuralgon, Neuritol, Neurolep, Neurotol, Neurotop, Nordotol, Normative, Nor-Tegroll, Novo-Carbamaz, Paralpar, Panitol, Pindolol, Relacarb, Seizurone, Sepibest, Serinar, Servimazepine, Setol, Sigilex, Sirtal, Stazepine, Storilat, Tanfedin, Tardotol, Taver, Tegol, Tegrepin, Tegretal, Tegretard, Tegretol, Telesmin, Telestin, Templane, Temporal, Temporol, Teneryl, Teril, Timonil, Tosetol, Trantil, Trencir, Trepina, Trimonil retard, Ultrepyl, Versitol, Vitatos, Volutol, Vulsivan, Zen, Zepiken, Zeptol

Aptiom, BIA 2-093, Exalief, SEP 0002093, Stedesa, Zebinix

Gabapentin, Gabapentina, Gabax, Kaptin, Neurontin, Normatol

Bipolam, Bymot, Contenda, Crisomet, Da Fex, Dafex, Daksol, Dezepil, Doclamotri, elmendos, Epilepax, espa-trigin, Fenebra, Flamus, Gerolamic, Ginaburg, Ginacross, Isleton, KPC Labicitin, Labileno, Lafigin, Lagotran, lambipol, Lamdra, Lamep, Lamepil, Lameptil, Lametec, Lameutral, Lamiart, LamicGSK, Lamicstart, Lamictal, Lamictin, Lamidus, Lamirax, Lamitor, Lamo, Lamocas, Lamocris, Lamodal, Lamogin, Lamonax, Lamosyn, Lamotas, Lamomylan, Lamo-Q, Lamoro, Lamot, Lamotad, Lamotaxyl, Lamotran, Lamotriax, Lamotribene, Lamotrigil, Lamotrigin, Lamotrigina, Lamotrigine, Lamotrig-Isis, Lamotriglax, Lamotrin, Lamotrine, Lamotrisandoz, Lamotrix, Lamotrust, Lamtox, Larig, Laspen, Latrigin, Latrigine, Latrimed, Latrin, Lavinol, Lefax, Leumont, Limatic, Logem, Lomarin, LTG, Luxxes, Meganox, Mogine, Motricord, Motrig, Motrigal, Munatrep, Neurium, Plexxo Plus, Prilkenzide, Protalgine, Ramitrine, Reedos, Seaze, Seftem, Torlemo, Tortrigine, Tradox, Traminal, Trigilab, Trigin, Trimolep, Trizol, Ximolatrim; component of Cionamat

Actilitio, Biogam Li, Cabalex, Cade, Calith, Camcolit, Carbolim, Carbolit, Carbolith, Carbolithium, Carbolitium, Carbonato de Litio, Carbonato Litio, Carbopax AP, Carboron, Carlit, Ceglution, Cegluti?n, Cibalith, Contemnol, Demalit, Dynelem Li, Duralith, Efalith, Elcab, Eskalit, Eskalith, Eutimin, Frimania, Gammadyn, Granions de lithium, Hypnorex, Hyponrex, Kalitium, Karlit, Kilonum, Lentolith, Leukominerase, LGL, Li 450, Licab, Licarb, Licarbium, Lidin, Lilipin, Li-Liquid, Lilitin, Limanie, Limas, Liskonum, Litard, Litarex, L:ithan, Lithane, Lithea, Litheum, Lithicarb, Lithii Carbonas, Lithiofor, Lithionate, Lithionit, Lithium, Lithiumchlorid, Lithiumkarbonat, Lithiumorotat, Lithiun, Lithizine, Lithmax, Lithobid, Lithocap, Lithocarb, Litho-Carb, Lithioderm, Lithomyl, Lithonate, Lithosun, Lithotabs, Lithuril, Liticar, Liticarb, Litilent, Litija Karbonat, Litij-karbonat, Litijum karbonat, Litil, Litilent, Litin Capsule, Litinat, Litio, Litio Carbonato, Litiocar, Litja Oxibutirat, Lito, Litocarb, Litoduron, Litionato, Litu, Manialit, Manialith, Maniprex, Mikroplex Lithium, Milithin, Neurolepsin, Neurolithium, Oligosol Li, Oligostim, Phanate, Phasal, Plenur, Pregin, Priadel, Prolix, Psicolit, Quilonium, Quilonorm, Quilonum, Rhen "Loges", Sedaplus, Sicolitio, Teralithe, Theralite; component of Amilit, Otofa sol auric, Solupred, Togal

Actinium, Apydan, Atoxecar, Aurene, Barzepin, Briobalyn, Carbox, Deprectal, Desidox, Epilexter, Lonazet, Mhide, Neuropatil, Neurtrol, Oxalepsy, Oxca, Oxcar, Oxcarb, Oxcarbacepina, Oxcarbazepin, Oxcarbazepina, Oxetol, Oxicodal, Oxlep, Oxleptal, Oxolon, Oxpin, Oxrate, Oxtellar, Oxypine, Pharozepine, Prolepsi, Quimium, Rupox, Selzic, Sinfonil, Sytoclon, Timox, Tixoval, Tolep, Trileptal, Trileptin, Tussdra, Zenoxa

Alivax, Alond, Axual, Balfibro, Brieka, CI 1008, Clasica, Dismedox, Dium, Dogamin, Dolgenal, Dolica, Doloneuropat, Dolorelief, Gabalin, Gabica, Gacela, Gavin, Gialtyn, Kabian, Kineptia, Laiden, Lalaca, Legabin, Linprel, Lunel, Lyrica, Martesia, Mystika, Neopentin, Neurax, Neuristan, Neurixa, Neuronal, Neuropre, Neurum, Nova, PD 144723, Pregabador, Pegabal, PGB, Plenica, Prebanal, Prebictal, Prebien, Prefalix, Pregab, Pregabadin, PregabaHexal, Pregabalin, Pregabalina, Pregabaline, Pregabax, Pregalex, Pregamid, Preghet, Pregobin, Pregox, Prelix, Preludyo, Prestat, Prikul, Principia, Progobin, S-isobutylGABA, Xablin

Acomicil, Acotopa, Anepigran, Arizic, Biomood, Epilmax, Epimate, Epilramate, Epiramax, Epistal, Epitomax, Epitop, Fagodol, Gabatopa, Grisil, Movator, Nabian-K, Neurotoprel, Neutop, Piracross, Protomax, Qudexy, Rantopa, Rondigal, Ropimate, Surxtop, Tanacol, Tamate, Tiantol, Tiramate, Tomzy, Topamac, Topamax, Topgran, Topibrain, Topictal, Topilep, Topimax, Topina, Topinmate, Topimax, Topiragamma, Topira-Lax, Topirama, Topiramat, Topiramate, Topiramato, Topiramed, Topirato, Topirax, Topirex, Topirol, Topitag, Topitec, Topmate, Toprel, Topreno, Topumate, Toramate, Tramixin, Trokendi XR, Trokesa, Zinalow; component of Qsymia

Absenor, ?cido valpróico, Aleptiz, Apilepsin, Atemperator, Bolpini, Convulex, Convulsofin, Criam, Cronoval, Cryoval, Depacon, Dapakan, Depakene, Depakin, Depakine, Depakote, Delepsine, Depalept, Depamag, Deparkin, Deprakine, Deproic, Desorate, Dicorate, Di-DPA, Dipromal, Divalp, Divalprax, Divalproato, Divalproex, Divals, Di-Vp, DPA, Edorame, Eftil, Elvetium, Epi-Chrono, Epiject I. V. Epilam, Epilex, Epilim, Episenta, Epival, Equival, Ergenyl, Ergonyl, espa-valept, Espertal, Everiden, Exibral, Ferbin, Gamibetal, Hydoic acid, Hyserenin, Ikalep, Lepavent, Leptilan, Leptilanil, Leptilen, Logical, Mepakene, Micropakine, Myproic acid, Mylproin, Natriumvalproat, Neuractin, Nopileptik, Novoseven, Oltril, Orfilept, Orfiril, Orlept, Petilin, Pimiken, Pragmaten, Propymal, Proval, Selenica-R, Sincretone, Sinepil, Sodium Valproate, Stavzor, Trankitec, Valberg, Valcas, Valcote, Valdia, Valeptol, Valhel, Valipesia, Valki, Valnar, Valoin, Valpakine, Valpamag, Valparin, Valparine, Valporal, Valporin, Valposim, Valprax, Valprazik, Valprease, Valpresor, Valprex, Valpro, Valproat, Valproate, Valproate de Sodium, Valproato, Valproato de magnesio, Valproato de sodio, Valproato s?dico, valprodura, Valproic, Valproic Acid, Valproins?ure, Valproken, Valprolife, Valpromed, Valpron, Valprosid, Valprosin, Valprostat, Valsup, Valtec, Vamegist, Vematina, Vupral; component of Transkrip

Adaphen, Aradix, Attenta, Aurium, Biphentin, Centedrin, Cognil, Concerta, Daytrana, Elem, Elmifiten, Equasym, Medicebran, Medikid, Medikinet, Mefinat, Metadate, Methylfenidaat, Methylin, Methylpheni, Methylphenidat, Methylphenidate, Metidate, Metilfenidato, Metrans, MFD, MPH, Neoaradix, Nebapul, Neoradix, Penid, Prohiper, Quasym, Quillivant, Rilatin, Rilatina, Rilatine, Ritalin, Ritalina, Ritaline, Ritaphen, Ritrocel, Rubifen, Tradea, Tifinidat

A 30.400, Anform, Betanamin, Ceractiv, Cylert, Deadyn, Dynalert, Dynamin, Hyperilex, Hyton Asa, Kethamed, PemADD, Pemolina, Pemoline, Psicodelta, Ronyl, Senior 20, Sigmadyn, Stimul, Tamilan, Tradon, Vidil, Volital; component of Potensan forte, Vontade

Akamon, Anconevron, Aneurit, Ansietyl, Ansiogen, Ansiosel, Ansioter, Ansium, Anxilium, Anxiocalm, Anxyrex, Atemperator, Balamol, Bartul, Benedorm, Bidormil, Brasalen, Brazepam, Brixopan, Bromacalm, Bromalex, BromaLich, Bromam, Bromased, Bromatanil, Bromatop, Bromaz, Bromazanil, Bromaze, Bromazep, Bromazepam, Bromazephar, Bromidem, Brominter, Bronpamed, Bropan, Brozam, Brozepam, Brozepax, Butecam, Calmepam, Cipaxil, Compendium, Creosedin, Deptran, Dipax, Docbromaze, Dreamker, Durazanil, Emopax, Equiplen, Equisedin, Estomina, Evagelin, Fabozepam, Finaten, Gasmol, GityI, Gityl, Glorius, Hatmmony, Hypno-Sed, Lectopam, Lekotam, Lenitin, Lentobis, Lesedan, Lexatin, Lexaurin, Lexilium, Lexomil, Lexopam, Lexostad, Lexotan, Lexotane, Lexotanil, Lexptan, Lexzepam, Libronil-R, Lortan, Lucita, Lusipax, Mederantil, Mitransil, Molival Bromazepam, Neo-Opt, Nervfanil, Nervan, Nervium (Belgium), Neurozepam, Normoc, Notorium, Nulastres, Octanyl, Otedram, Pacifen, Pacilex, Pascalium, Psicobrom, Quietiline, Relaxil, Rolab Bromazepam, Sacietil Stress, Sedamax, Sedatus, Sedazin, Sedopan, Seniran, Serenit, Serepax, Sipcar, Solpan, Somalium, Totasedan, Tredum, Tritopan, Ultramidol; component of Ansietil S NF, Biorgan B, Colixane B, Colonix B, Debridat B, Eudon, Eugin, Eumotil-T, Faradil Novo, Lexil, Lexpiride, Miopropan T 200, Miopropan-T, Mitransil S, Optimid, Somasedan, Sulpan, Trimebutina, Vegestabil Digest, Velosedan Compuesto

Indormyl, Ipnos, Ladormin, Lendorm, Lendormin, Lindormin, Mederantil, Nimbisan, Noctilan, Sintonal

Achocalm, Actium, Ansial, Ansiced, Ansionax, Ansised, Ansitec, Ansiten, Antipsichos, Anxinil, Anxiolan, Anxiron, Anxut, Aristopiron, Axoren, Barpil, Bergamol, Bespar, Besparon, Buspin, Biron, Boronex, Buporin, Busanil, Buscalm, Buscalma, Busiral, Buson, Busoril, Busp, Buspanil, Buspar, BuSpar, Busparium, Buspidac, Buspiman, Buspimen, Buspin, Buspinol, Buspirex, Buspirona, Buspirone, Buspisal, Buspon, Bustab, Censpar, Dalpas, Dergelasen, Duvaline, Effiplen, Epsilat, Establix, Exan, Hiremon, Hobatstress, Idroxin, Itagil, Kalmiren, Kallmiren, Komasin, Lanamont, Lebilon, Ledion, Loxapin, Losiren, Mabuson, Nadrifor, Narol, Neurosine, Nervostal, Nevrorestol, Nopiron, Norbal, Normaton, Pasrin, Paxon, Pendium, Piranil, Psibeter, Relac, Relax, Sburol, Senspar, Sepirone, Seron, Sorbon, Spamilan, Spasmilan, Spitomin, Stressigal, Suxin, Tensispes, Trafuril, Tran-Q, Travin, Tutran, Umolit, Xiety

Albego, Amotril, Limpidon, Nebolan, Panevril, Paxaure, Paxos

Abboxide, Ansiacal, Anuar, Apo-Chlorax, Apollonset, A-Poxide, Arsitran, Azepyl, Balance, Benpine, Bent, Bentran, Benzodiapin, Binomil, Brigen-G, Calming, Calmoden, CDP, Cebrum, Cetabrium, Chemdipoxide, Chlordiazachel, Chlordiazepoxide, Chlordiazepoxidum, Chlortran, Chlozepid, Chuichin, Circe, Clordiazepoxido, Consun, Contol, Cop, Corax, C-Tran, Cozep, Deca-Poxyde, Defobin, Diabrim, Diapax, Diazachel, Diazebrum, Diazepina, Dimixol, Dipoxido, Disarim, Dizepin, Donapax, Doxal, Droxol, Ekivan, Elenium, Elibrium, Endequil, Eposal, Epoxide, Equibral, Equidal, Equilibrium, Erotensil, Fargen, Fisiol, Florema, Gene-Poxide, Helms, Helogaphen, H-Tran, Huberplex, Ifibrium, Isolibr, J-Liberty, Kalbrium, Kalmocaps, Karmoplex, Klimax-S, Klipoxid "Dak", Klopoxid, Klorpo, Labican, Lentotran, Libaca, Liberans, Liberth, Liberty, Libnum, Librax, Librelease, Libritabs, Librium, Librizan, Libroxide, Limboxid, Libraxin, Libulin, Liponil, Lipoxide, Lixin, Lo Tense, Lowten, Medilium, Metazepin, Mildmen, Mitran, Moderal Clor, Multum, Murcil, Nack, Napoton, Neo-Gnostorid, Neo Gnostoride, Neuropax, Nevrum, Nirvan, Nirvaxal, Normide, Nova-Pam, Novopoxide, Novosed, O. C.M. Oasil, Omnali Esteve, Omnalio, Paliatin, Paxium, Peast C, Philcorium, Pneymic, Poxi, Protensin, Psichial, Psicofar, Psicosan, Psicosedin, Psicoterina, Radepur, Raysedan, Relax, Relaxil, Reliberan, Relium, Reposal, Reposans, Restamin, Restanil, Restocalm, Retcol, Rima 10 Chlordiazepoxide, Ripolin, Risachief, Risolid, Ro 5-0690, Sakina, Sedonova, Seduxen, Sentil, Seren, Sereen, Serenal, Serendyl, Serenvita, Seren Vita, Servium, Sintesedan, SK-Lygen, Slibcap, Smail, Solium, Sonia, Sophiamin, Sosedib, Spaz-10, Sterium, Taee, Tenax, Tensil, Tensinyl, Tensium, Timosin, Trakipeal, Trakipearl, Traksin, Transer, Trilium, Tropium, Udibrium, Untensin, Valclair, Vapine, Viansin, Via-Quil, Zeisin, Zenecin, Zetran, Zoporium; component of Acufenil, Aeroitan, Aerogastrol, Amitryn, Amixide, Ansietyl, Antalin, Axeptyl, Blocadryl "S", Chlorax, Chlordiazepoxide and Amitriptyline, Chlordiazepoxide with clidinium, Clindex, Clinoxide, Clipoxide, Colinorm, Diapatol, Diazemat, Diazepoxin, Ecalmate, Equirex, Espasmosilan, Eticolin, Fargenor, Fulcrum, Gastrolen, Gastropax, Imipox. Iremia, Klotriptyl, Klotriptyl Mite, Kralant, Lerogin, Libimal, Librafin, Librax, Libraxin, Librocol, Libroksil, Lidox, Lidoxide, Limaxin, Limbatril, Limbatril F, Limbatrilin, Limbatrilin F, Limbitrol, Limbitrol F, Limbitryl, Limbitryl Plus, Libraxin, Madalen, Melime, Menrium, Moralin, No-Ref, Pantrop, Pantrop Retard, Pasem, Paxium, Pefanic, Pefanium, Pehaspas, Pentrium, Plafonyl, Profisin, Psychoril, Psico-Blocan, Quilar, Rambol, Relaxedans, Relax Sedans, Ro 4-6270, Sedans, Somit, Somnium, Spasmoten, Spasril, Tensoliv, Totalgesina, Totasedan, Tranconij, Vagostabyl

Agnolet, Alemitel, Alinam, Banabin, Chlomedinon, Chlormezanon, Clorifax, Fenarol, Iremidon, Lobak, Lumbaxol, Manipal, Metsapal, Murelax, Muscotal, Muskapat, Muskel Trancopal, Myoflex, Myolespen, Neuroton, Nevrostop, Psichoton, Psychogen, Relizon, Rexan, Rilaquil, Rilaquil, Supotran, Tanafol, Tonobron, Trancolax, Trancopal, Trancote, Tancrol, Tranrilax, Transanate, Trilax

Aedon, Anxirloc, Asabium, Castilium, Clarmyl, Clobalex, Clobam, Clobamax, Clobator, Clobazam, Clobecort, Clofritis, Clopax, Clozam, Frisium, Grifoclobam, Karidium, Lucium, Maginol, Noiafren, Obax, Odipam, Onfi, Pixie, Quibazam, Sederlona, Sentil, Suisan, Temperax, Urbadan, Urbanil, Urbanol, Urbanyl, Urbax; component of Clomifensin, Hoe 8476, Psyton, Psyton mite

Acepram, Acepran, Alerion, Amotril, Ansiolam, Antelepsin, Anzatax, Bejowa, Blortem, Cefantral, Celaxin, Ciclox, Clonabay, Clonac, Clonacan, Clonacex, Clonadex, Clonagin, Clonalgin, Clonapam, Clonapilep, Clonapine, Clonaril, Clonasedan, Clonatril, Clonatryl, Clonazam, Clonazepam, Clonazepamum, Clonax, Clonazen 2, Cloner, Clonex, Clonipres, Clonopam, Clonopin, Clonoten, Clonotril, Cloxaquim, Clozam, Clozanil, Clozer, Convolsil, Coquan, Crismol, Crucial, Diocam, Edictium, Edictum, Episep, Epizep, Equiliv, Felanor, Flozepan, Gabaclotec, Grifoclobam, Histrol, Iktorivil, Induzepan, Kenitra, Kenoket, Klonopin, Kriadex, LA 6, Landsen, Leptic, Levonam, Lomequin, Lonazep, Maxipax, Miozepam, Modifical, Neurazepan, Neuryl, Novo-Clopate, Olan, Olimer, Paditex, Panazeclox, Paxam, Placidiax, Povanil, Quazemic, Quietal, Ravatril, Ravimil, Ravotril, Ribocler, Ribosan, Riklona, Rivocler, Rivolab, Rivopax, Riuclonaz, Rivatril, Rivopam, Rivoril, Rivotril, Ropsil, Sedalium, Sedapan, Sedatril, Sediflam, Sedovanon, Sensaton, Solfidin, Tecepin, Valpax, Zapiz, Zatrix, Zepanc, Zymanta; component of Cionamat

Anksen, Ansiopax (URU), Ansiopaz, Anxidin, Audilex, Azene, Belseren, Belserene, Calner, ClorazeCaps, Clorazepate, Clorazepato Dipot?sico, Clorazepate dipotassium, Clorazepate Zentiva, Clorazepato, ClorazeTabs, Covengar, Curansiex, Dipot, Enadine, Flamina, Flulium, GenENE, Gene-Xene, Gen-Xene, Justum, Luctor, Medipax, Mendon, Moderane, Modiur, Nansius, Nevracten, Nivelin, Novoclopate, Novo-Clopate, Pazidium, Psciopaz, Quitham, Serene, Softramal, Tencilan, Trancon, Tranex, Transene, Tranxen, Tranxene, Tranxilen, Tranxilene, Tranxilium, Uni Tranxene, Uni-Tranxene, Verax, Zetran-5; component of Anagrax, Axonil, Conacid-D, Distonex, Dorken, Mucarin Compuesto, Noctran, Regulex, Sulpiran T, Tensedan, Tranxilium Digest, Vegestabil

Anexate, Benzosan, Darkene, Flubioquim, Fluminoc, Fluni, Flunibeta, Flunimerck, Fluninoc, Flunipam, Flunitracepam, Flunitrax, Flunitrazepam, flunizep, Flupam, Fluscand, Fluserin, Flutraz, Guttanotte, Hipnosedon, Hypnocalm, Hypnodorm, Hypnor, Hypnosedon, Ilman, Inervon, Insom, Ipnopen, Libelius, Mirpaw, Narcozep, Neo Nifalium, Nervocuril, Nilium, Nitam, Nitcalm, Noriel, Normador, Parnox, Parsimonil, Primum, Promum, Psiconeurin, Rohipnol, Rohypnol, Roipnol, Ronal, Ropan, Sedex, Silece, Somnidual, Somnil, Somnubene, Talinop, Valsera, Vulbegal, Zetraflum; component of Disomnilan, Practicum

Beconerv Neu, Benozil, Dalmadorm, Dalmane, Dalmapam, Dalmate, Dalmute, Dormador, Dormigen, Dormodor, Durapam, Enoctan, Felison, Felmane, Flunox, Fluralema, Fluraz, FIurazepam, Fludane, Flunox, Fluralema, Flurazepam, Flutepam, Fluzepam, Fordrim, Insonium, Insumin, Irdal, Linzac, lnsumin, Irdal, Lunipax, Manlsum, Midorm, Morfex, Natam, Nergart, Nindral, Noctosom, Nomadon, Parnox, Remdue, Somlan, Somlan, Somnol, Som Pam, Som-Pam, Staurodorm, Valdorm

Abacus, AH 3, Alamon, Allderm, Antizine, Anx, Anxanil, Arax, Arcanax, Atarax, Ataraxone, Atazina, Aterax, Atozine, BayRox, Bestalin, Bobsule, Calmofilase, Cedar, Centilax, Cerax, Clorixin, Dalun, Darax, Deinait, Dermrax, Disron, Dormirex, Drazine, Durrax, Elroquil, Equipose, Fasarax, Fedox, Forticalman, Hadarax, Hiderax, Hidroxfar, Hidroxicina, Hidroxin, Hidroxina, Hidroxizina, Histadrex, Histan, Hizin, Hyderax, Hydroxacen, Hydroxyzin, Hydroxyzine, Hydroxyzinum, Hy-Pam, Hyzine, Hyzine-50, Indolgin, lremofar, Iterax, Judolor, Kalm, Masmoran, MuItipax, Navicalm, Neocalma, Neucalm, Neurolax, Neurozina, Nexit, Nirax, Novohydroxyzin, Orgatrax, Otarex, PAS Depress, Paxistil, Pazz, Phymorax, Postarax, Primedoron, Prurid, Qualidrozine, Quiess, QYS, R-Rax, Serecid, Tenerba, Trandozine, Tranquijust, Tranquizine, Traxin, Tyndal, Ucerax, Ulgrax, Ultramax, Unamine, Validol, Vamate, Vetaraxoid, Visitazine, Vistacon-50, Vistaject, Vistaquel, Vistarex, Vistaril, Vistazine, Warazix; component of Agyrax, Broncodil Plus, Chlorbamate, Diligan, Dolodens, Elirem, Hexafene, Histilos, Marax, Marex, Meprodil, Meproxyn, Phyllocalm, Practicum, Rydimat, Somatarax, Vesparax, Teo Bilac Plus

Kavaform, Kawaform, Largon, Mosaro, Neuronika

Anseren, Ansieten, Ansietil, Anxon, Atenual, Contamex, Grifoketam, Ketazolam, Larpaz, Loftran, Marcen, Neurapax, Parcil, Sedatival, Sedotime, Solatran, Unakalm

Dispranol, Gentimon, Prontopaz

Avlane, Dormanoct, Dormonoct, Havlane, Loprazolam, Somnovit, Sonan, Sonin

Abbloraz, AIbium, Almazine, Alplacasse, Alzapam, Amparax, Ansilor, Ansiofen, Ansiotex, Anta, Anxiedin, Anxira, Anzepam, Aplacasse, Aplacassee, Aripax, Atemperator, Ativan, Axyol, Azepam, Azurogen, Bonatranquan, Bonton, Calmamed, Calmatron, Calmese, Control, Divial, Docloraze, Donix, Dorm, Duralozam, Efasedan, Emotion, Emovital, Equitam, Ergocalm, Farmazepan, Grosaneuron, Havlane, Idalprem, Idalprem, Inadalprem, Indalprem, Kalmalin, Larpose, Laubeel, Lauracalm, Libansid, Lomesta, Lonza, Lopam, Lora, Lorabenz, Lorafen, Lorafim, Loralin, Loram, Loramed, Loranase, Lorans, Lorapam, Lorapine, Lorasifar, Loraselid, Lorasifar, Lorasolid, Lorat, Loratensil, Loratril, Loravan, Lorax, Loraz, Lorazemed, Lorazene, Lorazep, Lorazepam, Lorazepan, Lorazetop, Lorazin, Lorazon, Loridem, Lorenin, Lorepam, Lorezan, Loridem, Lorinax, Lorivan, Lorivan, Lorsedal, Lorsifar, Lorsilan, Lorzem, Lozam, Lozepam, Lozicum, Lyovial, Max Pax, Melivan, Merlit, Merlopam, Mesmerin, Microzepam, Moderal, Modium, Nervistop, Neuropam, NIC, Nic-lma, Nifalin, Noan-Gap, Nonazepam, Norityl, Novhepar, Novo-Lorazem, Noxaben, Nulans, Nu-Loraz, Optisedine, Orfidal, Pantranquil, Placidia, Placinoral, Pro Dorm, Proneurit, Proserum, Psicopax, Punktyl, Quait, Relaxiverine, Renaquil, Rocosgen, Sebor, Securit, Sedacalm, Sedapon, Sedarkey, Sedatival, Sedazin, Sedicepan, Sedizepan, Serenase (Belgium), Sidenar, Silence, Sinestron, SM 1014, Solepar, Somagerol, Stapam, Symplex, Tavor, Temesta, Thymal, Titus, Tolid, Trankilium, Tranplus, Tran-QiI, Tranqipam, Tranquipam, Trapax, Trapex, Tratenamin, Trisedan, Upan, U Pan, Vagofil, Vanapam, Vigiten, Wintin, Wypax, Zeloram, Zeopam, Zora; component of Ergofalea N, Magrilan Plus, Reductol, Somnium (Switzerland)

Divial, Drupal, Piralone, Placinor, Placinoral

Cerepax, Dasuen, Dormapam, Euhypnos, Euipnos, Insomniger, Lenal, Levanxene, Levanxol, Lilizepam, Mabertin, Maeva, Neodorm, Nocturne, Nomapam, Norkotral, Normison, Normitab, Nortem, Nunazepam, Ormodon, Perdorm, Planpak, Planum, Pronervon, Razepam, Remestan, Reposium, Restoril, Signopam, Signopharm, Snapam, Somapam, Somaz, Tasonal, Telpia, Temador, Temarium, Temaron, Temaz, Temaze, Temazep, Temazepam, Temazepax, Temazine, Temtabs, Tenox, Tenso, Terivan, Texapam, Tonirem, T-Pam, Veroqual, Z-Pam

barbituric acid derivative

Epsipam, Megaflex, Megavix, Miolastan, Mobiforton, Musapam, Musaril, Muskelat, Myolastan, Myomax, Myospasmal, Panos, Rilex, Spasmorelax, Tepam, Tethexal, Tetra Flam, Tetramdura, Tetra-saar, Tetralelax, tetrazep, Tetrazepam

10-Nait, Adormix, Albapax, Alespan, Ambien, Ambulax-2, Amsic, Ansiozol, Atrimon, Bikalm, Cedrol, Conyx, Dalparan, Damixan, Dodorest, Dorlotil, Dormeben, Dormilan, Dormirex, Dormi-Ros, Dormizol, Dormosol, Dumitol, Edluar, Flazinil, Hipnatur, Hipnotab, Insodem, Insom, Intermezzo, Inzodem, Ivadal, Lioram, Litramol, Mondeal, Niotal, Nitrest, Nocpidem, Nocte, Noctum, Nokdrim, Nottem, Nuo Bin, Nytamel, Oniria, Sanval, Sedovalin, Somit, Somnil, Somnipax, Somnipron, Somno, Sovigen, Stildem, Stilnix, Stillnoct, Stilnoct, Stilnox, Stilpidem, Sublinox, Sucedal, Sumenan, Supedal, Talacen, Tardine, Uninorm, Vicknox, Viradex, Zaviana, Zimor, Ziohex, zodormdura, Zogno, Zolax, Zoldem, Zoldorm, Zoldox, Zolgen, Zolmia, Zolnod, Zolnox, Zolnuit, Zolodorm, Zolpeduar, Zolpibell, Zolpid, Zolpicin, Zolpidem, Zolpiden, Zolpidex, Zolpidohexal, Zolpi-Lich, Zolpi-Med, Zolpimist, Zolpinox, Zolpi-Q, Zolpitop, ZolpiWin, Zonata, Zopim, Zorimin

Aboden, Alpaz, Amoban, Amovane, Clonel, Datolan, Docilen, Dopareel, Dormex, Eurovan, Ezolin, Foltran, Genclone, Imovan, Imovane, Imozop, Imrest, Insomin, Insomnium, isicaps, Kelen, Limovan, Losopil, MoImovane, Mozop, Nenia, Noctidem, Optidorm, Reply, Rhovane, Sedorm, Siaten, Somnal, Somniclona, Somnol, Somnols, Somnosan, Sonlax, Sopivan, Ximovan, Zalepla, Z-Dorm, Zedax, Zetix, Zileze, Zimoclone, Zimovane, Zinovane, Zoiplon, Zolip, Zolon, Zometic, Zomianne, Zonix, Zoperil, Zopicalma, Zopiclon, Zopiclona, Zopiclone, Zopimed, Zopinil, Zopitan, Zopivane, Zorclone, Zo-Tab

Anti-Parkinson Drugs (administered also to conceal neuroleptic-induced Parkinson syndromes)

Warning! Peter Lehmann does not provide medical advice. He is not a medical doctor, he does not wear a white coat. No responsibility is assumed by Peter Lehmann for any injury and/or damage to persons or property from any use of the information on this list or the introduction or ideas referenced in the material herein. Any interrupted, unfinished, new or ongoing course of treatment as well as any use of a referral and/or subsequent treatment regimen sought as a result of reading this list or the introduction of ideas referenced in the material herein is the sole responsibility of the reader.

This table includes trade names and active ingredients of synthetic psychiatric drugs administered all over the world including neuroleptics, antidepressants, psychostimulants (psychoanaleptics), tranquilizers and lithium preparations. It also lists carbamazepine and other substances chemically familiar with this antiepileptic drug. In the psychosocial field these substances are administered as so-called mood stabilizers.

As far as the psychiatric drugs mentioned in this table, the reader may trust in the care given by Peter Lehmann in making correct statements. On the other hand, there is a lot of confusion world-wide referring to the classification of psychiatric drugs.

No standard criteria exist for the assignment of a single psychiatric drug to a group of substances. For example, loxapine is classified in the USA as a (minor) tranquilizer, in Canada and the UK as a neuroleptic. Oxypertine is marketed in the USA as an antidepressant, in the UK as a neuroleptic. Flupentixol is marketed in the UK as a neuroleptic and antidepressant. Some drugs like tiapride are classified as a neuroleptic in one country and as an anti-Parkinson drug in another. Sometimes anti-Parkinson drugs like amantadine are indicated in the treatment of drug-caused Parkinsonism in one country (USA), but in another country (UK) drug-induced symptoms are an excluded indication. Similarly, hydroxyzine is considered a tranquilizer in one country and an antihistamine in another. And sometimes a drug?s status as a tranquilizer or neuroleptic is based on the dosages given.

The classification of a drug can depend on its pharmaceutical basic schedule, biochemical mechanism, produced effects or the administrator?s subjective intention.

Some trade names were used differently in individual countries. Two examples: "Serenase" is (or was) the trade name for the neuroleptic ingredient haloperidol in Denmark, Finland, Italy and South Korea and for the neuroleptic ingredient quetiapine in Peru; in Belgium "Serenase" is (or was) the trade name for the benzodiazepine-tranquilizer lorazepam. Chlordiazepoxide is often marketed as "Somnium," but in Greece "Somnium" is (or was) the trade name for the antidepressant ingredient amitriptyline.

In pharmaceutical lists, you can find a lot of orthographical deviations. Active i