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Retro Cars is a monthly magazine packed with cool cars. Retro Cars focuses mainly on modified classics from the 1950s, '60s, '70s, '80s and '90s.

There's no doubting the UK's modified and classic car scene is as healthy as ever, and Retro Cars magazine is here to celebrate this vibrant and varied market. Whether you're modifying a Mini, tweaking a Triumph, slamming a SAAB or jazzing up a Jaguar, Retro Cars is the motoring publication for you.

Each month there are in-depth owner's stories, exploring each owners' cars, what they've modified and how they did it.

There is also plenty of practical advice for anyone considering modifying their classic, whether it's making improvements to the engines, brakes, suspension or styling even going all out and converting your car to a track day weapon.

We'll also report from some of Britain's best car events, and peer behind the garage doors of the country's best lock-ups, all of them concealing an Aladdin's cave of classic cars, memorabilia and retro gems.

Ultimately, Retro Cars is about what's cool on four wheels and profiles the best, rarest and most varied selection of cars and people in any monthly modified classic car title.

Retro Cars celebrates the best cars, events and products from the 1960s, '70s, '80s and '90s, Retro Cars magazine is the definitive read for any budding petrolhead."


Favorite Movies

Spelunker. Savlonic Rated 4.4300 Stars Spelunker by Savlonic Music Video Pokemon Hunter Rated 4.4273 Stars A pokemon hunter takes up a quest to hunt for a rogue steelix Action The Unwanteds, Chapter 1 Rated 4.4067 Stars An introduction to a story about an island where superpowered kids get abandoned. Other TOME Episode 02 Rated 4.4471 Stars Kirbopher and Nylocke find a strange mansion while following their friend into the woods. Action

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Zombidle Rated 4.0025 Stars Idle villainy inside. Adventure - Other CrossCode Rated 4.5018 Stars A retro-inspired 2D Action RPG set in the distant future (DEMO) Adventure - RPG Valthirian Arc 2 Rated 4.2605 Stars Take the journey as principal of this epic academy Adventure - RPG Crystal Story Rated 4.2838 Stars A turn based RPG with a random dungeon generator. It features Quests and Minigames. Adventure - RPG

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Enjoy looking and relive the past!

Jerry Whitfield Specializes in collector and classic car and truck sales at

Barry's Auto Sales 803 East Main Street Yadkinville, North Carolina USA, 27055 Ph: 336-830-2851 Jerry's Cell: 336-749-5922

Jerry has years of experience in locating and shipping used, collector, and antique vehicles internationally

Whether you are searching for a unique classic car, antique car, custom car, classic muscle car, convertible, exotic car, daily driver, restoration project, or collector vehicle, car or truck, you will enjoy this website!

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Click here to Email Email: jerrybev[email protected] com or contact Jerry by phone at 336-765-8312

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Jerry Whitfield is a proud member of the Mustang Club of America

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Jerry Whitfield is a proud member of the Antique Car Club of America

Jerry Recommends.

Memory Lane Restoration Shop 729 Junction Road, Mocksville, N. Carolina, 27028 They can restore your mustang for you. Then you can come and drive it home. Owner, Tom Baker, 336-909-0707, does good work at a reasonable rate.

Corbic, Corbic


Great designs are the ones inspired by nature, where unique features are embodied in the development of new products. When a natural material is used in a product it becomes genuine, with personality, and it appeals to your senses in a deeper way. Those are the ones that pass the test of time. That's what Inspired Crafting ?is all about. Binding the old and the new is a trend, but for many it's cultural. People on bicycles embrace that trend perfectly, they merge with their bikes and become beatiful sculptures. It is a very good example of balance between tradition and modernity. Bicycle accessories are a part of that.


Our sense of identity often derives from our heritage and traditions. There are industries that make part of that heritage and are worth preserving, not only because of their history but because of what they still have to offer. The cork industry fits perfectly in that category, it is a big part of the portuguese heritage. These industries are part of Portugal's soul and make us proud of the achievements of the past and hopeful about the future. The products of these industries have an aura which CORBIC relates to, because they represent the pursuit for quality among other reasons.


Vintage items, like classic bikes, have a certain appeal because of their retro style, the history they carry and the connection to the time they were made. A time when things were made diferently, when people took pride in what they built. Handmade has everything to do with that. CORBIC wants to become part of a bridge joining two worlds, where through inovation you have the best of the old days combined with the needs of modern life.

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Xe Lambretta Vi?t Nam Gia 85 Tri?u D?ng, Lambeta

Xe Lambretta Vi?t Nam gia 85 tri?u d?ng

Chi?c Lambretta LN125 l?p rap t?i Vi?t Nam b?i cac chuyen gia d?n t? Italy s? ra m?t vao trung tu?n thang 9.

D? danh d?u s? ra m?t c?a day chuy?n l?p rap t?i Vi?t Nam, thang 8 nay, m?t lu?ng xe co h?n LN125 made in Italy s? du?c ban ra v?i gia 99 tri?u d?ng.

Sau g?n m?t nam tr? l?i Vi?t Nam, hang xe may n?i ti?ng Lambretta c?a Italy da va dang kh?ng d?nh du?c v? th? c?a minh t?i day. V?i m?u xe LN125 th?i trang v? ki?u dang, d?c dao v? mau s?c, Lambretta da xam nh?p va d?nh v? s?n ph?m c?a minh ? phan khuc cao c?p c?a th? tru?ng xe may tay ga Vi?t Nam.

Nhung v?i mong mu?n phat tri?n m?nh m? hon n?a, co th? dap ?ng du?c sau r?ng t?i nhi?u d?i tu?ng khach hang thu?c nhi?u phan khuc th? tru?ng khac nhau, hang da quy?t d?nh thanh l?p day chuy?n l?p rap xe Lambretta LN125 (v?i toan b? linh ki?n nh?p kh?u) t?i Vi?t Nam. Ch?t lu?ng c?a xe LN125 l?p rap t?i Vi?t Nam hoan toan du?c tuan theo tieu chu?n c?a Lambretta Italy, du?c ki?m tra va giam sat b?i cac chuyen gia d?n t? Italy.

D? ki?n s?n ph?m LN125 Made in VN(linh ki?n nh?p kh?u 100%) d?u tien s? ra m?t vao trung tu?n thang 9 v?i gia ban kho?ng tren 85 tri?u d?ng.

Theo thong tin t? phia nha phan ph?i d?c quy?n – Cong ty Vinh Phat Motor, d? chao m?ng va danh d?u s? ra m?t c?a day chuy?n l?p rap t?i Vi?t Nam, v?i s? ph?i h?p va h? tr? c?a Lambretta Italy va Cty Vinh Phat Motor, trong thang 8 nam 2012,khach hang yeu thich Lambretta s? co co h?i du?c s? h?u Lambretta LN125 Made in Italy v?i gia uu dai la 99.000.000 tri?u d?ng. Tuy nhien, do s? lu?ng co h?n, nha phan ph?i s? uu tien nh?ng khach hang d?n tru?c.

M?u Lambretta LN 125 la s?n ph?m c?a nha thi?t k? Alessandro Tartarini, tru?ng thi?t k? c?a ItaJet. V?i m?u scooter Velocifero vao nam 1994, ong du?c t?p chi NewsWeek t?ng danh hi?u “Thi?t k? du?c ngu?i M? yeu thich nh?t”. Alessandro Tartarini con du?c x?p vao Top 100 nha thi?t k? n?i danh tren toan th? gi?i.

Lambretta LN 125 thi?t k? theo ki?u retro, k?t h?p gi?a nh?ng net c? di?n, quy phai c?a cac m?u Lambretta truy?n th?ng v?i net m?nh m? hi?n d?i c?a thi?t k? chau Au. Xe gi? nguyen ki?u duoi keo dai “canh chim” kinh di?n.

LN125 s? d?ng d?ng co 4 k?, dung tich 125cc thay cho lo?i 2 k? tru?c do giup ti?t ki?m nhien li?u hon. D?ng co du?c thi?t k? co l?c keo cao ? vong tua th?p nen thich h?p v?i ki?u du?ng xa do th? - may em, khong b? rung va g?n khi ch?y ? t?c d? th?p. D?ng co du?c thi?t k? co l?c keo cao ? vong tua th?p nen r?t thich h?p v?i ki?u du?ng xa do th? - may em, khong b? rung va g?n khi ch?y ? t?c d? th?p.

D? ki?m soat ch?t lu?ng s?n ph?m ? m?c kh?t khe, Lambretta s? d?ng cac nha cung c?p danh ti?ng tren th? gi?i. Theo do, b? yen b?ng da do nha ch? tac d? da th? cong n?i ti?ng c?a Italy - Nisa Selle cung c?p. V?t li?u than v? xe do T?p doan c?a M? - General Electric s?n xu?t. Son xe s? d?ng cong ngh? trong nganh cong nghi?p oto, son nhi?u l?p giup gi? du?c mau b?n, kh? nang ch?ng xu?c cao. Ngoai ra, xe con co cac nha cung c?p linh ph? ki?n h? chuy?n d?ng c?a Dai Loan va cac nu?c chau Au.

Lambretta LN125 co nhi?u mau: d?, vang, cam, xanh da tr?i, xanh la cay… T? th?i di?m ra m?t d?n T?t Nguyen dan, nha phan ph?i d?c quy?n, Cong ty Vinh Phat Motor cho ra th? tru?ng dong xe Lambretta LN 125 v?i 2 tong mau. Nam 2012, hang s? ti?p t?c ra m?t Lambretta LN 125 mono tone (m?t mau).

Xem them ?nh Lambretta LN125 t?i day .

Hertener Allgemeine, Herten

Polizei erbittet Hinweise. Einbrecher in Jogginghosen fl?chten

Polizei erbittet Hinweise: Einbrecher in Jogginghosen fl?chten

Polizei bittet um Hinweise. Wer kennt diese EC-Karten-Diebe - mit Kommentaren

Polizei bittet um Hinweise: Wer kennt diese EC-Karten-Diebe

"M?hlenbusch" und Katzenbusch. Forstarbeiten starten diese Woche

"M?hlenbusch" und Katzenbusch: Forstarbeiten starten diese Woche

Auswirkungen der Trockenheit. Ab Montag gibt es Laubs?cke

Auswirkungen der Trockenheit: Ab Montag gibt es Laubs?cke

Feuerwehr-Einsatz. Brennende Gartenabf?lle - mit Kommentaren

Region & Schwerpunkt

Region & Schwerpunkt

Unfall. Radler erliegt seinen Verletzungen - mit Kommentaren

Gr?nde f?r den verpatzten Saisonstart: Ein Berg voller Probleme ? mehr Regionalnachrichten mehr Regionalnachrichten


Leserfotos im September 2016 101 Bilder

Oktoberfest in Herten 62 Bilder

Zirkus Convoy Exceptionell 39 Bilder



Fu?ball. Ratajczak f?r SC Herten spielberechtigt

Fu?ball: Ratajczak f?r SC Herten spielberechtigt

Basketball. Oberligist fiebert dem Saisonstart entgegen

Basketball: Oberligist fiebert dem Saisonstart entgegen

Fu?ball. Meier ?bernimmt die Spitzenposition

Fu?ball: Meier ?bernimmt die Spitzenposition

Handball. Westerholter B-Jugend zieht im Derby den K?rzeren

Handball: Westerholter B-Jugend zieht im Derby den K?rzeren

Boule-Turrnier. Ott/Bock machen das Rennen um den Turniersieg

Boule-Turrnier: Ott/Bock machen das Rennen um den Turniersieg

Fu?ball. Bergl?wen wollen Serie weiter ausbauen

Fu?ball: Bergl?wen wollen Serie weiter ausbauen

Fu?ball. SV Vestia bestreitet Sonntag das Kellerduell

Fu?ball: SV Vestia bestreitet Sonntag das Kellerduell

Jugendfu?ball. Kreispokal-Aus f?r Simmer kein Beinbruch



Interview mit Jennifer Rostock. Verwende deine Jugend!

Interview mit Jennifer Rostock: Verwende deine Jugend!

52-Stunden-Flug. Neuseeland von ganz oben

52-Stunden-Flug: Neuseeland von ganz oben

VIP Jana ist Showt?nzerin. In die Bundesliga mit Bewegung

VIP Jana ist Showt?nzerin: In die Bundesliga mit Bewegung

S?nger Zayn Malik ver?ffentlicht seine Autobiografie

S?nger Zayn Malik ver?ffentlicht seine Autobiografie

Blues Pills. Retro in der Gegenwart

Blues Pills: Retro in der Gegenwart

Steuerrecht, Internationales Marketing und Nanoscience

Steuerrecht, Internationales Marketing und Nanoscience

Die Toten Hosen arbeiten an neuem Album

Die Toten Hosen arbeiten an neuem Album

52-Stunden-Flug. "Ich will hier nicht weg"

Wetter heute

Wetter morgen

? mehr Wetter mehr Wetter

Fl?chtlingslager auf Lesbos brennt - Lage au?er Kontrolle

Fl?chtlingslager auf Lesbos brennt - Lage au?er Kontrolle

Berliner Piraten-Politiker Claus-Brunner tot gefunden

Berliner Piraten-Politiker Claus-Brunner tot gefunden

F?hrerschein weg. Fahranf?nger mit 102 km/h erwischt

F?hrerschein weg: Fahranf?nger mit 102 km/h erwischt

Gef?lschte P?sse: De Maizi?re k?ndigt ?berpr?fung an

Gef?lschte P?sse: De Maizi?re k?ndigt ?berpr?fung an

Julia Louis-Dreyfus sorgte f?r Missverst?ndnis

Julia Louis-Dreyfus sorgte f?r Missverst?ndnis

?La La Land? von Damien Chazelle gewinnt Toronto Filmfest

?La La Land? von Damien Chazelle gewinnt Toronto Filmfest

Sportreporter G?nter-Peter Ploog gestorben

Sportreporter G?nter-Peter Ploog gestorben

B?cker beschallt seine Backwaren

B?cker beschallt seine Backwaren

Steigende Preise f?r Bankdienstleistungen. Mehr Macht f?r Bankkunden: Kontowechsel wird einfacher

Steigende Preise f?r Bankdienstleistungen: Mehr Macht f?r Bankkunden: Kontowechsel wird einfacher

Mauritius. Auf den Spuren der Sklaven

Mauritius: Auf den Spuren der Sklaven

Mit Lederjacke das Outfit aufwerten

Mit Lederjacke das Outfit aufwerten

Fenster und T?r auf Zugluft pr?fen



Normale Version

Prams - Large Selection Very Low Prices, Pram

Quick guide to the perfect pram

Combi prams, baby prams, designer prams, buggies, 3 wheeler joggers, double twin prams, triple and multiple prams – if you are faced with the decision which pram to buy for the first time, you may well feel a bit lost and confused. The sheer mass of different models, makes and pram designs is enormous and can seem overwhelming.

But in fact, it's not that hard to find your way through this jungle of choices, provided you think carefully about what you and your family wants to get out of the pram. The following overview is intended as a brief guide on how to find your dream pram more easily.

The Advantages: Which pram for which purpose

At first glance, you may only notice the different designs of the various prams, but when choosing the suitable vehicle for your child, other criteria should take priority. Here are the most important questions you need to ask to find the right pram.

? Baby pram . buggy or combi pram

The "gold standard" these days is the combi pram, i. e. a complete set of chassis, carrycot and seat unit. If you want an even more complete service, you can choose an "all-in-one" travel system that also includes a baby car seat. As an alternative, you can use a reclining buggy with a carrycot, because this can also be used from birth.

Still relatively new but increasingly popular: prams with a buggy seat that can be converted to a carrycot. Then, there is also the classic baby pram, often in retro-style and with modern technology.

? Buggy . baby buggy . lightweight buggy . joggers

Not all buggies are the same, so you should consider what you want to use the buggy for. A baby buggy, particularly in combination with a carrycot, can function as fully fledged pram system. A lightweight buggy or travel buggy is particularly light and compact, so it fits into most car trunks and can also be taken on planes or public transport. Shoppers and shopping buggies are ideal for the city and town, often they already have a cupholder. 3 wheeler buggies or joggers are ideal for sporty parents who want to go jogging with the pram or walk in off-road terrain. The main features are large rear wheels and a good suspension.

? Tandem or Twin Pram

Tandem or twin prams are a special form of pram. Twin prams are for two children of the same age, tandem prams for two children of different ages. Plus, there are modular pram systems that can be used either for one child or for two – by adding a second seat or reclining unit.

Important: What to watch out for when buying

Again, the same applies: there is not just one pram that's perfect for every family and situation. So you need to consider carefully which pram or pram set is best for your personal circumstances. Here are some aspects that you should think about:

? How much pram would you like? Do you only need a pram or rather a whole set, including changing diaper bag, rain cover and the like?

? The question of quality. You should not compromise in this respect. After all, the health and safety of your child is at stake. So in terms of noxious substances and safety standards, you should never lower your sights.

Planning Ahead: When to Buy?

The pram should be towards the top of your shopping list for accessories for your child – directly next to the cot and first set of clothing. After all, you will want to take your child for a walk in the first few days after your little treasure is born – it's fun and will do the baby as much good as the new mom.

Prams & Buggies

Vintage Couture & Collectables Treasures, Aldoleo



I am a practical, loving, family orientated person who has a love and growing passion for antiques.

I was born into a big family in the countryside in a large cottage house & a huge farm in south Europe from amazing parents. When I was a little girl my mum & my sisters taught me to knit & stitch by the age of 15 - 16 I made a hand made rugs with my grandmas old looming machine. my mum was so pleased:) I also used to help my father with honey bees we used to make over a ton of honey in summer season! Today I live in London City & I am a mum of four beautiful children & of course I am a antique lover! I have never thought of working on this industry but I started just for fun & out of passion! Once you start working with antiques & high fashion designer its addiction and you just can't give up:) The items offered are from my personal collection(s) & some from house clearance & antiques fair! Some are antique, others vintage, some are gently used & that's to be expected of old stuff! I will describe those faults to the best of my ability (and vision) Please bear in mind all my items are vintage/retro & all are used, though minor wear! Postage: I don't charge for packing only postage! Most of the time I use recycled products and materials for packing & I take a really good care with parcels! My buyers have never received a damaged item to this day & will do my very best to continue this work!

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Selling to Europe? Make sure to let buyers know when they can expect to receive their order.

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Etsy can't guarantee the security of these options. For details on how to pay with these methods, contact me.

Returns & exchanges

I gladly accept returns

I accept the following

Returns Exchanges Cancellations

Just contact me within: 14 days of delivery

Ship items back to me within: 30 days of delivery

Sony Trinitron Television, Triniton

On April 15, 1968 Sony held a press conference in Japan to announce a new type of television, the Trinitron. The research team had just finished hand building ten prototypes, so they were shocked to hear Sony executives promising the TV would be in full production in less than six months! The very first Trinitron, the KV-1310, was in stores in October. A year later Trinitron came to the United States.

Trinitron is a compound name derived from "trinity," referring to the three colors used in a single electron gun, and "tron" from electron tube. The Trinitron prototypes' "aperture grilles" had narrow vertical stripes photo-etched onto a thin metal plate that was stretched over a frame behind the screen (other TVs use a shadow mask that sits just behind the phosphor layer to focus the image on the screen.). The aperture grille was used in every Trinitron TV.

Four engineers, lead by Masaru Ibuka, Susumu Yoshida, Senri Miyaoka, and Akio Ohgoshi spearheaded the project that generated sales of 280 million Trinitrons worldwide, and Trinitron sales dominated the U. S. television market for decades. Beyond the phenomenal sales numbers Trinitron established Sony's reputation in the U. S. as a company known for innovative technology (Sony won a technical Emmy Award for the Trinitron in 1973). It's hard to imagine Sony's success without Trinitron.

Sony produced a vast number of models, including professional Trinitron studio monitors like the PVM (Pro Video Monitor) and BVM (Broadcast Video Monitor). The pro Trinitrons were expensive, big and very heavy, but they're still prized for their superior black levels, color accuracy, and contrast ratios, compared with the best LCD and plasmas. Trinitron was strictly a CRT technology, and the mainstream market wanted flat panel displays, so worldwide Trinitron production shut down in 2007.

Thanks go out to Sony's Rob Manfredo for his help in preparing this report.

Click here for more on the first Trinitron.

Submitted by K. Reid on July 18, 2012 - 3:05pm

Great article, Steve. CRT technology still retains advantages over modern displays (e. g. superior black levels, wide viewing angles). Bigger screen sizes inevitably led to more weight and ultimately the CRTs downfall against "thin is in" plasmas and LCD. The Sony Trinitron XBR series were phenomenal products. I still own one of last of the truly great ones - The Sony KD-34XBR960.

I only wish Toshiba/Canon could have got their acts together and gave us a superior SED flat panel. Here's hoping for OLED.

Submitted by hiptech on July 20, 2012 - 2:06pm

Retro TV. my first color TV as a lad, 1972 Sony 17" Trinitron. What a great set, kept it till around 1991 until I gave it away.

It worked flawlessly the entire time, never an issue. When Sony used to build quality products. While the picture on our Samsung UN55B8500 (2010) sure is prettier, my bet is it won't last near as long.

BTW, thanks Scott to you and Leo for recommending it! Can't wait to hook it up to an AV receiver. soon. Just ordered (today) the Onkyo TX-NR818 replacing an aging (but still working) Onkyo TX-SV90Pro (1991).

Invader-Zidro (Invader Zidro), Zidro

This is the place where you can personalize your profile! But, how?

By moving, adding and personalizing widgets.

You can drag and drop to rearrange.

You can edit widgets to customize them.

The bottom has widgets you can add!

Some widgets you can only access when you get Core Membership.

Some widgets have options that are only available when you get Core Membership.

We've split the page into zones!

Certain widgets can only be added to certain zones.

"Why," you ask? Because we want profile pages to have freedom of customization, but also to have some consistency. This way, when anyone visits a deviant, they know they can always find the art in the top left, and personal info in the top right.

Don't forget, restraints can bring out the creativity in you!

Now go forth and astound us all with your devious profiles!



Newest Deviations

Stolen Hey guys, WeeGee2187 here! This is a blog I'm keeping, for a certain purpose. The purpose is for a game. A terrifying video game. It's been haunting me for over 7 months now, and it's getting on my nerves. Don't know what I'm talking about? Let me take you to the beggining. It all started at my favorite store, GameFly. Yes, The internet video game store, widly popular amongst geeks like me and my friends. I had heard about it through commercials that came on TV. Practicly all my friends were buzzing about it, so why not give it a try? I searched up, 'Pokemon'. Tons of results came up, and I chose 'Pokemon Platinum' which was fairly new at the time. It arrived 2 days later, in a large box. Wierd right? I opened the box and pulled out the game. It was beat up, and the cover was missing. "Of course, give me the damn beat up copy." I grumbled, putting the game in my DS. It loaded up, and the account saved on the game was 'Spice'. Spice nearly finished the game, and had last saved it som Stolen by Invader-Zidro

Invader Dib CHAPTER 2: Dib finally woke up. His back hurt BAD, and he also had a headache. "I really should learn not to mess with things." He told himself, standing up. He got out of the nursery, And looked for a way off of the planet. "How about. That Ship!!" Dib yelled, pointing to a large ship, Not realiizing it was The Massive's ship. He climbed in using a door on the side, and ran down a long hallway. At the end, was a retro-looking door. "I wonder what's going on in there. " Dib asked, listening to voices talk. "WELCOME TO THE IRKEN INVADER ASSIGNING. 2!!" Tallest Red yelled, smiling. "Today, We will assign 2 Invaders who missed the first assigning, A PLANET!" Tallest Purple yelled. "Now, BRING OUT THE LUCKY INVADERS!" Tallest Red commanded, pointing to the door Dib was behind. The door opened, and Dib tried to hide. "Hey, where's the other lucky Invader. " Tallest Purple asked, looking around. Suddenly, One of the Irkens pointed to where Dib was, and Dragged him out. "No, WAIT! YOU D Invader Dib by Invader-Zidro

Invader Dib CHAPTER 1: "ZIM! YOU WON'T GET AWAY WITH THIS!!" Dib yelled, strapped down in a chair. "I just did." Zim said, lowering a helmet over Dib's head. There was a huge, purple visor in front of it. "HAHAHAHAHA!!" Zim laughed, as Dib struggled to get free. "What is this going to do anyway??" Dib asked. "REMOVE YOUR BRAIN!!" Zim yelled, as he turned on the machine. Suddenly, GIR tripped over over the cord, And the machine shocked Dib. "OWWWW. THIS HURTS!!" Dib screamed, tugging at the helmet. Zim ran around franticly, pressing buttons. "This is not going as planned! GIR! YOUR RUINED MY PLAN!!" Zim yelled. Finnaly, The machine shut down, and Dib sat there, not moving. "It must have worked then. HAHAHAH!!" Zim laughed. GIR poked at Dib, until he twitched. "YAY!!" GIR yelled, poking Dib everywhere. "THE MISSION!!" Dib yeled, getting out of the seat. He stumbled on a cord and fell on the floor. "Oh well, I'll just put Dib in the Failed Experiment area." Zim said, dragging Dib. 2 Hours later, Invader Dib by Invader-Zidro

Decades-Old Ov-10 Bronco Planes Used Against Isis, Broncoten

Vietnam-era planes used against ISIS

Using an F-35 to fly close air support against insurgents would be akin to "buying a brand new Rolls Royce to take the garbage to the dump," Harmer said.

Harmer estimated the cost of flying the more modern jets at $45,000 per hour of flight, while the older Bronco could cost less than $5,000 per flight.

The F-15 Eagle has a cruising speed of 570 mph, while the OV-10 has a cruising speed of 223 mph, according to an Air Force fact sheet.

While he acknowledged that the slower planes were vulnerable to other modern enemy aircraft and anti-aircraft missiles, he said the planes would be "extremely effective" in environments like Iraq and Afghanistan, where the terrorists have very limited anti-aircraft weapons.

More loitering time, better visibility

Paul Scharre, a former Army Ranger who served multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, said these turboprop planes were the perfect middle ground between drones and more technologically advanced jets.

Scharre said that like drones, the OV-10 can loiter over the battlefield for hours, but unlike drones, the pilot has greater visibility of the battlefield and can see the location of enemy forces and attack them directly with machine guns and more bombs and missiles than a drone can carry.

More modern jets travel too fast to see events on the ground and become overly reliant on technology to target enemy combatants, he said. Additionally, these jets consume fuel at a much faster rate, which means they cannot fly over the battlefield for as long as their propeller-powered counterparts.

Scharre, a senior fellow at the Center for a New American Security, told CNN that 15 years of counterinsurgency missions had taken a toll on the technologically advanced and expensive American fighter jet fleet, saying a jet "can only have so many flying hours before it is worn out."

Both Scharre and Harmer said that these light attack aircraft would be in high demand by U. S. Special Operations forces because of their ability to provide persistent surveillance and close air support and target enemy forces up close without risking friendly fire casualties because the pilots are flying slow enough to visually distinguish between enemy and friendly forces.

However, Harmer and Scharre think that resistance from higher-ups in the military will hamper the drive to acquire these retro aircraft and that the Air Force is too focused on the more expensive F-35 to give much consideration to embracing a 50-year-old technology.

The Central Command representative told CNN that the results of the initial experiment have been passed on to the Office of the Secretary of Defense Joint Requirements Oversight Council and that the information will help Pentagon "decision makers determine if this is a valid concept that would be effective in the current battlespace."

He added, "because the report is still a draft, it would be inappropriate and premature to provide details regarding any findings or potential recommendations."

"The American way of fighting since World War II has been to have superior technology. There has been a constant focus on leading technological advancement that is on cutting edge," Harmer said.

But Scharre is optimistic that these effective aircraft will find a niche within the military, possibly with Air Forces Special Operations acquiring some planes to support Special Operations forces.

The need for close air support in the fight against ISIS also helped convince the Air Force to reconsider plans to retire the A-10 Warthog, a 1970s-era ground attack jet.

Scharre also thinks that these turboprop aircraft will prove ideal for equipping and arming U. S. partners that are fighting insurgencies and terrorists.

In January, the United States also provided Afghanistan with four turboprop A-29 Super Tucano planes, the Afghan air force's first fixed-wing combat aircraft.

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Andepin, Andepin


W poprzednim poscie wspomniane bylo o gwiazdorskich zapedach fluoksetyny (potocznie czesciej mowi sie po prostu o fluo). Kto jest ciekawy temu polecam obejrzec, albo przeczytac „prozac nation”. W Polsce, na recepcie, w aptece, rzadko uslyszycie prozac u nas bardziej znana jest jako: Seronil . Bioxetin . Deprexetin . Andepin . Fluoxetin . A ze nazw jest kilka, a nie jedna to tym lepiej dla naszych kieszeni. To jest pierwsza cecha fluoksetyny: Jest tania. Jest tez powolna. Powolna w podwyzszaniu swojego stezenia w mozgu, w poczatkowych dniach, tygodniach terapii. To o dziwo jest calkiem pozytywna cecha. Mozg nie dostaje terapii szokowej dawka leku, ale ma czas przyzwyczaic sie do nowego srodka, ktory ma mu pomoc. Pomoze?

Jacys uzytkownicy leku   pisza, ze pomoze tak na 3+. To jest dobry wynik, jesli chodzi o antydepresanty. To jest tez ocena, ktora czesto fluoksetynie daja psychiatrzy. Z nasza pania jest tak, ze nie zawsze jest pomocna, ale jest mila osoba. Amerykanskie dane o naszej miss:   Nudnosci przysparza tylko 22% uzytkownikow. sennosc 12%, podenerwowanie 13%, zmniejszenie apetytu 10%. No ktozby sie nie skusil. Szkoda tylko, ze fluoksetyna moze nas zdradzic. Tak po prostu. Po kilku miesiacach nagle czujecie sie jakbyscie leku w ogole nie brali, mimo ze nawet nie zmniejszyliscie dawki. Mozna zrobic wtedy taki trik. Seronil, Andepin, czy inny zamiennik prozacu odstawiacie, bierzecie inny ssri znow przez kilka miesiecy, a potem z powrotem wracacie do fluoksetyny.

Jesli przychodzisz pierwszy raz do psychiatry z objawami depresji, bardzo prawdopodobne jest, ze jeszcze dzis   wrocisz do domu z recepta na ktorys z lekow z grupy SSRI. Czemu tak wlasciwie sie dzieje, czemu nie masz w kieszeni recepty na jakies MAOi, albo na ktorys z lekow trojcyklicznych? Podpowiedz: Nie chodzi tu o efektywnosc, ani o szybkosc dzialania. W te klocki SSRI najczesciej przegrywaja ze swoimi starszymi bracmi. Kwestia jest bezpieczenstwo. Lekarze slusznie zakladaja ze SSRI maja (calkiem duzo) skutki uboczne, ale te skutki uboczne nie sa szczegolnie niebezpieczne. To jest wlasnie powod dla ktorego to co masz napisane na recepcie, uwazane jest za lek pierwszej linii w walce z depresja. Swoja droga grupa ssri jest calkiem szeroka. Sklada sie kilku srodkow chemicznych, ktorych jedynym mianownikiem, cecha wspolna jest to ze srodki te wprowadzone do krwiobiegu, przechodza bariere krew/mozg i powoduja zwiekszenie sie stezenia serotoniny w   przestrzeni miedzysynaptycznej. Mamy wiec w teamie ssri:   Fluoksetyne, Fluwoksamine, citalopram, Escitalopram, paroksetyne i sertaline.   To prawie nigdy nie dzieje sie z lekami, ale te zrobily cos co zadne inne leki, na zadna inna chorobe wczesniej nie dokonaly. Tak, tak. one nie tylko lecza one staly sie elementem popkultury. Zawdzieczaja to swojej druzynowej slawie: prozacowi, czyli mowiac chemicznie fluoksetynie. Zobaczcie jpega (tego pod tytulem, tego z w ktorym prozac przebrany jest za proszek do prania). Wyglada glupio, ale jest retro i ma super styl wiec ma u mnie 5.


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Mymedi - Spiralgin® 500, Spiralgin



La finestra di ricerca si attiva gia dopo l'immissione di 5 segni nella stessa. Nella maggior parte dei casi tuttavia, occorrono dalle 5 alle 10 lettere per ottenere il risultato desiderato. Fate uso di nomi di medicinali quali: voltar, aspir, gluco, isopti, avast, lexcota etc. (a seconda del tipo di ricetta del vostro medico). Se non si ottiene alcun risultato vuol dire che questo farmaco non e registrato e non esiste quindi nella Lista SL o che mancano le indicazioni del produttore.

Sicurezza (Risk Button)

Se un farmaco e indicato nel settore di "pericolosita nella guida di macchine e nel traffico", viene visualizzato questo pulsante che attivandolo mostra il testo tecnico con la raccomandazione dell'UFSP (Ufficio Federale della Sanita Pubblica).

SL - Lista delle specialita dell'UFSP

Prezzo di riferimento (PR)

In presenza di indicazioni sull'aliquota: prezzo al pubblico fisso, stabilito dall'Ufficio federale della sanita pubblica (UFSP).

Nessuna indicazione sull'aliquota: prezzo consigliato, non vincolante.

Modo di applicazione

La forma galenica dell'applicazione (pasticche, capsule, gocce, sciroppo, granulato, supposte etc.).


Dimensioni per unita in mg. o ml.

Principio attivo

Indica il contenuto del principio attivo e della sostanza con il relativo no. di registrazione.

Codice GTIN (Global Trade item number = Numero di identificazione farmaceutica universale)

E' abbinato al sito www. Kompendium. ch che rende possibile l'approfondimento personale delle vostre ricerche.


Descrizione del farmaco. Questo testo puo essere ampliato o ridotto.

Informazioni per i pazienti

Le informazioni complete per i pazienti che potete trovare anche nella confezione originale allegata al farmaco (in conformita all' AIPS della Swissmedic).

Particolarita dell'articolo

informazioni importanti inerenti al farmaco sono contenute in una finestra a parte.

Informazione inerente alla confezione

Visualizzazione della confezione originale, del retro frz. dei codici a barre, dei blisters e della forma di applicazione e galenica (es. il segmento di rottura e porzionatura unitaria).


I prodotti possono essere soggetti ad una limitazione generica in riguardo ad indicazione medica, quantita, durata dell'uso e prezzo. La visualizzazione viene attivata solo quando sia data tale limitazione.

Dimensioni delle confezioni

Qui e possibile scegliere in merito alle dimensioni d'imballaggio. E' sufficiente un click sulla relativa linea per visualizzarne il contenuto in alto, tenendo conto del cambiamento dei dati.

Differenza di prezzo

Nella colonna a destra (paragone), sono visualizzati i cambiamenti di prezzo, > verde contrassegna il prezzo piu modico, il rosso il prezzo piu caro, in rispetto al farmaco ricercato.

Contenuto = Quantita prescritta quale somministrazione / Unita di confezionamento Cat = Categoria del'ES / Lista delle specialita SL / Vedi categorie - A = Prescrizione unica per dosaggio elevato della ricetta medica - B = Vendita su ricetta medica (Ricetta permanente o duratura sostanzialmente possibile) - C = Vendita su consulenza speciale, solo tramite personale medico specializzato - D = Vendita esente da consulenza professionale

- PR = Prezzo di riferimento attuale - FD = Franchigia differenziata / 10% o 20% sul prezzo del farmaco (che verra addebitato dalla cassa malattia) - PA = Prezzo rispettivo alla quantita e unita di somministrazione

- NI = Irreperibilita del farmaco da lei cercato o dati mancanti - non reperibile, dati non forniti dal produttore - Categoria SL (A/B/C/D) non elencata - Non registrato o non ammesso dalla Swissmedic - Eventualita di non finanziamento da parte della cassa malattia (KVG) - informarsi presso la cassa malattia!

Avviso particolare

Per ulteriori informazioni, il nostro "mymedi team" si tiene volentieri a vostra disposizione. Telefonateci al numero 0041 61 901 94 45 o inviateci un mail [email protected] ch